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Faith Before Ritual

November 13, 2022

Why did Paul emphasise in his debate with the Religious Legalists that
Abraham had Faith BEFORE he was Circumcised?

Paul in his Epistle to the Roman Church repeatedly taught that Abraham had Faith BEFORE he was Circumcised.

This was a Prophetic insight given to Paul by the Holy Spirit to the Roman Church, given that the Roman Church has succumbed to the error of Ritualism, which was the very thing that Paul was brilliantly exposing in his Epistle.

The reason that it is extremely important for us to understand WHY Paul was clarifying that Abraham had Faith BEFORE his Circumcision, is that many are deceived today into thinking participating in the Ritual is what is going to Save them, and not their Faith in Christ.

Paul was contrasting Faith in Christ versus Faith in Ritualism or Religious Legalism.

Unfortunately some Believers today have prioritised Faith in Formalism over Faith in Christ.

In Paul’s time the Religious Legalists were trying to convince the Believers that they needed to go back under the Mosaic Law, by observing the Sabbath and getting Circumcised and other Religious Practices.

This is why Paul focused on the Abrahamic Covenant, because Abraham came before Moses so he was not under the Mosaic Law.

In Romans 4:12, AMP, “As well as that Abraham be made the father of those Circumcised persons who are not merely Circumcised, but also walk in the way of that Faith which our father Abraham had BEFORE he was Circumcised.”

Notice that a Key Word that Paul is giving special importance to is BEFORE.

Would you like to Receive the Promise to Abraham?


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