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How To Have The Blessing Of Righteousness Credited To Your Account

November 11, 2022

The problem with Religious Formalism is that it tries to earn Credits from God by performing Rituals, rather than by Receiving Righteousness by Faith.

Paul goes to great lengths to clarify this in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Romans 4:10, AMP Para, “How then was this Righteousness Credited to Abraham? Was it BEFORE or AFTER he had been Circumcised? It was not AFTER, but BEFORE he was circumcised.”

We can see from this that the whole argument revolves around whether Abraham was declared Righteous BEFORE or AFTER, he was circumcised.

We have the same argument going on today in various different forms of Religious Legalism.

There are endless arguments over Communion, Baptism, Prayer Beads, the Confessional, Chanting Mantras, Indulgences for Sin, Transcendental Meditation, Magic Mushroom Psychedelic Hypnosis Therapy, and so on.

We could paraphrase Paul’s question by asking, ‘How then was Righteousness Credited to him? Was it before or after Communion? Was it before or after Baptism? Was it before or after visiting the Confessional? Was it before or after Chanting Mantras with Prayer Beads?’

So we can see from this that participating in Communion or Baptism should be done AFTER we have expressed our Faith in Jesus Christ as our Saviour and not before.

Communion and Baptism are Tokens or Evidence of the Seal of Righteousness that we have Received by Faith, and they do not earn Grace Points that we can cash in to Receive the Faith of Christ.

The Seal of Righteousness is Credited to us by Faith, which we receive Freely by Grace, and no amount of performance based Rituals can earn us Tokens that we can redeem for Indulgences to Sin.

The Sale of Indulgences to Sin personally, or to spring Relatives from Purgatory, resulted from the Truth of Righteousness by Faith being suppressed by Religious Formalism.

We Receive the Blessing of Righteousness by Faith in Christ before we participate in the Ritual or Sacrament or Liturgy, NOT AFTER.

Would you like to Receive the Seal of Righteousness by Faith?






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