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Faith Vs Religious Legalism – Faith Was Credited – 7

November 9, 2022

Paul was contrasting Faith and Religious Legalism as opposing Belief Systems throughout his Epistle to the Roman Church.

In Romans 4:9a AMP , “Is this Blessing and Happiness then meant only for the Circumcised, or also for the uncircumcised?”

In todays vernacular, what Paul was actually saying was, “Is this Blessing and Happiness meant only for the Religious, or also for the Unreligious?”

The previous Verse in Romans explains why we are Blessed and Happy.

Romans 4:8, AMP “Blessed and Happy and to be envied is the person of whose Sin the Lord will take no account nor reckon it against him.”

We are truly Blessed and extremely Happy when we are not burdened down by the Guilt of Sin.

Why did Paul go to great lengths in Romans to prove to the Religious Legalists that we are no longer under the Law, and are therefore Free of condemnation?

Paul was able to present this argument because our Lord Jesus Himself showed Paul that Righteousness has been Credited to our Account by Faith.

The problem with those who are Stuck in Religious Formalism is that they believe that the performance of their particular Ritual or Liturgy or Woke Agenda, or other form of Religious Formalism, is what separates them from the other Religious or Political rabble.

Paul proves this deception is completely delusional in the next part of Romans 4:9b , AMP, “We say that Faith was Credited to Abraham as Righteousness.”

The reason that Abraham was declared Righteous was because of his Faith, and not because of his adherence to any Ritual or Liturgy or Woke Agenda.

This is why Paul suffered terrible persecution and affliction and much unjust Jail Time, because he was exposing the entire Religious Legalist deception.

Religious Formalism can corrupt any Denomination or Religion or New Age Magical Mystical Tour.





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