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Faith Vs Religious Legalism – Belief Systems – 3

November 6, 2022

Those who are stuck in Religious Ritualism will defend their Belief System, even if it directly contradicts the Pauline Revelation.

Paul went to great lengths in his Epistle to the Roman Church to counter Religious Legalism.

It is apparent that many Believers do not understand that Paul was a debater, and that his Epistle to the Roman Church sets out his argument against Ritualism and Religious Legalism.

This is the main reason that the Religious Legalists opposed Martin Luther and other Church Reformers from translating the Bible into the common language of the people.

As a result of the Pauline Revelation totally exposing the errors of Legalism and Ritualism many Reformers were severely persecuted and killed, because they wanted the Bible available to be understood by everyone.

Once the people could read the Scriptures in English and German, the whole Religious Game of Selling Indulgences for Sin was over.

Paul exposes the futility of Religious Legalism in Romans 4:5a, AMP, “But to one who, NOT WORKING by the Law,”

We can best understand this today by paraphrasing this to say, ‘But to one who, not working by the Ritual’, since the Mosaic Law has been ridiculed and discredited by the Woke Ideological Agenda.

Ritualism is a very potent and deceptive form of Religious Legalism, because the Ritual participants think they are earning the right to Buy a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven, or to ascend into Valhalla, or to join Apollo or Zeus and become a God or an Ascended Master.

Paul contrasts the Ritualist deception with the Way of Faith.

In Romans 4:5, AMP Para, “But to one who, Not Working by the Law or Ritual, Trusts and Believes fully in Him who justifies the ungodly, his Faith is Credited to him as Righteousness, the Standing acceptable to God.”

Would you like to be Right with God by Faith?




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