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Spirit Redemption Therapy

October 22, 2022

Our Self Esteem takes a battering through the Trials of Life.

We hear , ‘Just Believe in yourself, stop having Self Doubt’, and ‘Use your Willpower’, and ‘you’re just being lazy’, from the highly paid Motivational Speakers.

The Therapists may offer a series of Two Hour Consultations to help us ‘Work Through’ our Self Esteem ‘Issues’.

But the reality is that None of these ‘Quick Fixes’ work our Soul needs Holy Spirit Redemption.

When your Soul has been damaged through emotional painful experiences, you can find yourself wanting to get your life together, but you can’t.

The Alcohol or Drug or Gambling or Porn or Ritualism Addictions keep dragging us down, despite all our Positive Affirmations and vows to do better next time.

The realisation of this can lead to serious despair and depression and anxiety.

Unless we decide to yield to the Holy Spirit’s Presence, we will encounter a Merry-Go-Round of mixed emotions.

Holy Spirit Redemption Therapy works by Redeeming our Soul through the Renewal of the Mind with the Word of God.

Jesus Christ strongly emphasised the role of the Holy Spirit in empowering the Believer.

To Receive the Holy Spirit we need to overcome the Ego’s desire to remain in control of our Soul.

Our Ego’s will protest by saying, ‘I don’t need the Holy Spirit, I do it my way’.

Would you like to Receive the Holy Spirit?






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