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The Gospel Vs Sin Consciousness

October 11, 2022

Some of those who Preach the Gospel today think that we have to condemn everyone as hopeless Sinners.

The Sinner Gospel advocates believe that we must get everyone to have a Sin Consciousness, where we are constantly aware of the Dark Side of Human Nature, both in others and especially in ourselves.

This leads to an introspective attitude of Guilt and Condemnation, where we are constantly focusing on our weaknesses and failures.

The Sinner Gospel then promotes a remedy of either, a) Strict Observance of the Law, or b) Performance of Rituals.

Paul explains in his Epistle to the Roman Church that neither of these options are actually the Good News of the Gospel of Grace.

In Romans 3:20a, “For no person will be Justified, made Righteous and Acquitted, and Judged Acceptable, in His sight by observing the works prescribed by the Law.”

The Good News of the Gospel explains that the purpose of the Law is to make us Conscious of our Sin, but we are not to remain Sin Conscious for through Repentance we are to Live by Faith through the Grace of Jesus Christ.

This then leads to Paul’s Revelation of the Righteousness of God, which is not something that we receive by Laws and Ritualism, but by Faith.

This is the Good News of the Gospel.

Romans 3:21a, AMP, “But now the Righteousness of God has been REVEALED independently and altogether apart from the Law,”

Would you like to be Free of Condemnation and Guilt?







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