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How To Be Justified By God

October 10, 2022

To understand How to be Justified by God, we need to first have a Revelation of What is Justification.

Many people carry around with them an inner sense of guilt and condemnation, primarily over past mistakes and failures.

As a result of Guilt, we can tend to become resentful towards God for setting seemingly impossible high standards, which we feel we are not able to live up to.

If we have the Revelation that we are Justified by God, we have the opposite attitude in that we Believe that we are ‘Just As If I Have Never Sinned’.

Sin produces a Guilt and Inferiority Complex, because we know that we have done something against God’s Law.

Our Ego then tries to come to the rescue by suggesting that a prescribed Ritual or Transcendental Meditation or Prayer Beads or Psychedelic Mushrooms or Willpower, will remedy the problem.

Paul made it abundantly clear in his Epistle to the Roman Church that we are Not Justified by Ritualism or Works of the Law, but by our Faith.

This Faith is not produced by participating in a Ritual, but is given to us by the Grace of God.

Would you like to be Justified by Faith in God?







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  1. This powerful statement changed my day…the meaning of Justification..
    Just As Is I Have Never Sinned

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