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The Gospel Vs PC Religious Agenda

October 9, 2022

Why was Paul in a fierce debate with Religious Legalists in his Epistle to the Roman Church?

Not many Believers understand that Paul was defending his Revelation of Justification by Faith, in his argument with those stuck in Formalism over the role of the Law, in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Was Paul defending his Revelation of Justification by Faith in his Epistle to the Roman Church?

Paul wasn’t just Teaching a nice Sermon full of platitudes to the Roman Church, it was an explanation of a Spiritual confrontation between the Gospel and Ritualism.

Why was Paul in a fierce debate with the Judaisers over
Religious Legalism in his Epistle to the Roman Church?

Grace and Spiritual Legalism are the central Themes of all Spiritual Warfare throughout the entire Bible.

This is why the Revelation of Salvation Grace is attacked and greatly resisted by those promoting a Religious System of Merit Points for perfect Ritual Practice.

If God is the giver of Grace to an underserving and Sinful people, based only on Faith, then there is no need to climb the Hierarchy of Ritualism.

When Martin Luther began to Teach Justification by Faith in Germany, he became a serious threat to the Religious Status Quo.

However today the Gospel is in confrontation with another form of Formalism, the Political Correctness Agenda.

Unfortunately some Denominations have become completely overwhelmed by the demands of Political Correctness, and have compromised the Gospel to accomodate Doublethink Dogmas that directly contradict Scripture.

In Christ Jesus the PC Agenda is not able to dehumanise Believers by the eradication of all references to identify.

We will not submit to Big Brother, we will identify by our family, whether we are male or female, and by our Nationality or Religion.

The object of the PC Agenda is to attempt to eliminate our identity so that we all become merely individual Consumers, and this Consumer identity is the opposite of our Identity in Christ.

Our Identity is the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, being Credited to us by Faith through the Grace of God.







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Craig Holme


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