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New Kind Of Righteousness

October 5, 2022

In order to counter the arguments of Religious Formalism, Paul very clearly explained in his Epistle to the Roman Church that the Gospel Reveals a New Kind of Righteousness.

Romans 1:17, AMP, “For in the Gospel a Righteousness which God ascribes is REVEALED,”

It’s amazing how so called Theological ‘experts’ can Play the Dumb Card over this verse, and try to explain away what Paul is obviously saying, by denying Justification by Faith.

If we were to say that a particular Car Brand Revealed a new model, would there be any kind of debate over whether the New Model was actually Revealed?

Yet we have Formalists who deny that there is a New Kind of Righteousness in the Gospel, and that nothing New has been revealed because we are still operating under the Religious Law.

Alternatively, some Formalists claim that Ritualism has superseded the Law but acts in the same way, therefore there is no need for a New Kind of Righteousness Revealed by God in the Gospel.

How do we Receive this New Kind of Righteousness?

Romans 1:17, AMP, “…Both Springing from Faith and leading to Faith, disclosed through the way of Faith that arouses to more Faith.”

The New Kind of Righteousness in the Good News of the Gospel, springs from our Faith.

Notice that Paul did not say that his New Kind of Righteousness is earned by participating in any kind of Rituals.

Neither did Paul say that the Gospel is just the same as all other Religions, and that you need to perform Rituals to earn points to Buy a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven.

Obviously, Religious Formalism did not heed this advice from Paul in the Gospel, and became so corrupted that by the Middle Ages the Legalists were selling Indulgences, which sparked the Reformation led by Martin Luther.

Paul’s Gospel reveals a New Kind of Righteousness that we receive by Faith.

To Reveal something New means that it must have been hidden beforehand.

Would you like to Receive the New Kind of Righteousness?







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