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Faith Vs Ritualism – Credit – 4

September 29, 2022

We live in a Debit and Credit based Monetary System, and something similar but a lot more simple, was in place in the Roman Empire at the time that the Apostle Paul wrote his Epistle to Church in Rome.

In Romans 4:5, AMP, “But to one who, not working by the Law, trusts and Believes fully in Him Who justifies the ungodly, his Faith is CREDITED to him as Righteousness, the Standing acceptable to God.”

The reason that Paul is using the topic of Credit in his debate over Legalist interpretations of Scripture with the Religious Legalists, is so that everyone can easily understand his argument, even though many modern day so called Agnostic and Traditionalist ‘Theologians’ have completely missed the point and seem not to able to comprehend what Paul is saying.

To understand exactly why Paul is discussing Credit, we need to go back to Romans 4:4, AMP, “Now to a labourer, his wages are not counted as a Favour or a Gift, but as an obligation, as something owed to him.”

Those who are promoting Spiritual Ritualism or a Religious Legalist Agenda, are basically saying that if you follow these prescribed Rules, then God or the Gods or the Universe, are in Debt to you and therefore owe you a payout or benefit.

Paul smashes this entire illusion by saying that those with Faith in Christ are Credited with Righteousness as the Free Gift of Grace, requiring no performing Spiritual Circuses or Rituals, or Prayer Beads, or any other Works of the Law.

As a result, Religions that are based on Buying a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven by earning Credit Points through participating in Ritualism, get extremely threatened by Paul’s Revelation of Grace.

Hence the Reformation was opposed by force, and Reformers like Martin Luther were severely persecuted and ridiculed and falsely accused of heresy.

Religions of all persuasions can become powerfully entrenched if they create a Credit/Debit Spiritual System based on participating in Ritualism, which subsequently rejects Paul’s Revealing of the Game Changing and Guilt Overcoming doctrine of Justification by Faith.

Paul clarifies this by stating in Romans 4:5, AMP, “his Faith is Credited to him as Righteousness, the Standing acceptable to God.”

Our Faith is Credited to us as Right Standing with God, by Grace with no need to earn Frequent Spiritual Flyer Points.

We are therefore no longer under the Bondage of Guilt and Condemnation over not feeling good enough to please God, and can now Receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit without fear of rejection.

Would you like your Spiritual Account to be Credited as Righteous and be Guilt Free?







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