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Who Is Called To Be A Saint?

September 24, 2022

Unfortunately mainstream Legalist Tradition has made Sainthood an almost impossibly high standard for every Believer.

This deception has persuaded most Religious people to Believe that Saints are a very special and extremely rare type of person, who usually lives in a Monastery or a Cave.

Liturgical Tradition has then Canonised various deceased persons as Saints, which was very popular before the Reformation.

We are here in no way disparaging the character of these Canonised Saints, as many obviously were very devoted to God and there is no doubt that some performed miracles of healing.

However, Canonisation of Saints led to idolatry, with parishioners being encouraged to Pray to the Saint instead of directly to Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

To be officially Canonised as a Saint there is required 1-2 Miracles which has resulted from Prayers to that Saint.

This then leads to the assumption that only a very select number of people can be Canonised as a Saint.

Paul discusses the issue of Who is a Saint in his Epistle to the Roman Church, showing clearly that God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ designate who is a Saint.

Romans 1:7 “To you then, ALL God’s beloved ones in Rome, CALLED TO BE SAINTS, and designated for a consecrated life:”

Paul makes it extremely clear that All Believers in Rome are called to be Saints.

Does this mean that Paul is saying that every Believer in Rome is called to impossibly high levels of consecration, constantly reciting Prayers in Latin every day, practicing self flagellation to the point of creating serious wounds as a sign of penitence, begging in the streets to show humility, refusing to engage in any form of worldly activities including working, choosing chastity over the arduous tasks of marriage and raising a family, or walking around in Purple and Red Robes to show that they have special Religious Status?

Obviously Paul is taking the opposite approach where being a Saint is not something that we achieve by participating in the Spiritual Olympics, but it is something that has been freely given to us by the Grace of Jesus.

Romans 1:7 AMP, “Grace and Spiritual Blessing and Peace be yours from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.”

We don’t qualify to be a Saint, we are called to be Saints by the Grace of God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

You don’t have to be an ‘Holier than thou’ Religious Hypocrite to be called to be a Saint.

If you are a Believer you are called to be a Saint, despite your imperfections and weaknesses, and this is not creating an excuse to stay in Sin, but rather showing the unconditional Love that God has for us.

Would you like to be called to be a Saint?






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