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Do We Carry Our Fate With Us?

September 24, 2022

There are some people who quote the great Marcus Aurelius as if he was some kind of very passive fatalist.

Marcus Aurelius “Trust that all is for the best. For we carry our fate with us —- and it Carries Us.”

Does this mean that Marcus Aurelius was a passive fatalist?

Some Believers have been deceived into Surrendering to the idea that whatever happens in their lives must be the Will of God, because it was meant to be.

If Jesus had believed this delusion then he would not have Healed the Sick, rather he would have told them that their disease was the Will of God, and not to fight against it because God was using their intense suffering to teach them a lesson because they were a naughty Sinner.

It is very hypocritical for those who believe their Sickness is the Will of God, to try to get healed through medicine.

If Paul had believed the delusion that everything is fate, then why did he debate with and fight against the Religious Fatalists everywhere he went?

Marcus Aurelius was coming from the position of a Stoic philosopher, and in actuality believed the opposite of the philosophy of passive fatalism that many Believers have succumbed to.








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