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The Law Of The Conscience

September 22, 2022

Not many Believers realise that the Conscience acts like a Law written in our hearts, and has the same purpose even for Unbelievers and Sceptical Agnostic fence sitters.

Paul explained this in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Romans 2:14, CEV, “Some people naturally Obey the Law’s Commands, even though they don’t have the Law.”

This shows our Conscience has an innate sensitivity to the Moral Law.

We need to also be aware that Paul made an extremely Anti-PC statement in the Verse, “Some people naturally obey the Law’s Commands,”

The emphasis is on the words “Laws Commands”, and Paul did not politely say ‘Laws Suggestions’.

By saying ‘Laws Commands’, there is no room for debate, and nobody is being asked by God what their opinion is about the Law.

The Laws Commands are Black and White, and few Believers today understand that our entire Legal System has been built on the foundation of the Moral Law.

Today the ‘PC Experts’ are substituting the Moral Law for arbitrary Relative Laws, that are constantly evolving to suit the prevailing Political Culture.

Thankfully the Moral Law is our Tutor to bring us to Christ, because it shows us that we cannot Buy a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven through Ritualism, Prayer Beads, Magic Mushrooms, Transcendental Meditation, or any other form of Ego based Religious Performances.

Would you like to obey your Conscience?








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