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Let Go Of Your Ego

September 16, 2022

The reason many Religious people find it difficult to Let Go of their Ego, is because we have become attached to Ritualism and Mystical Traditions.

We have heard it said that we should, ‘Let Go and Go with the Flow and Trust the River’, by letting Go of our Egos.

So, why can’t we Let Go of our Ego and Go with the Flow?

When we get told to ‘Trust the River’ and to let go of the Riverbank and ‘Go with the Flow’, most of us cannot do this because the River is being presented to us as an impersonal force.

No matter how many times the Mystical Guru tells us to ‘Trust the River’, we psychologically cannot do so if we think that the River is just a manifestation of Universal Energy.

If the River is just particles and protons and electrons flowing in an electrical pattern, then Letting Go and Flowing with the River is a matter of trusting Chance, and is actually the same sort of trust that a Gambler has in a Poker Game.

The Gambler trusts the Poker Game, and holds onto the hope that it will someday yield a jackpot, even though he knows that the Chance of success is very slim., and that the odds of the Game are stacked against the Gambler.

Poker is an impersonal Game, so trusting in Poker is an illusory delusion.

To Let Go and trust in an impersonal Metaphysical River is an absolutely ridiculous concept.

In the Game of Life, if you to ‘Go With The Flow’ with various Actors who are Playing out Dramas to advance themselves by disadvantaging you, you are potentially setting yourself up for failure.

By contrast, the Holy Spirit is a River of Life that we can confidently Let Go and Go with the Flow, because the Holy Spirit is a Person, in fact the Third Person of the Trinity.

The Holy Spirit empowers the Believer in Jesus Christ, and gives us a Sound Mind.

The Spirit Filled Believer will not allow any thought to enter and take root in the mind, because we are ‘Going with the Flow’, as some thoughts come from negative sources that do not originate from the River of Life.

Those who have given themselves over to an impersonal River, have actually not Let Go of their Ego at all, because the Ego will try to retain control for their Is no other Person to Submit to.

This is why Mystical Gurus substitute ‘Trust the Universe’ or ‘Trust the River’, instead of Trust God, and this is a clever ploy in their Gameplan which allows the Unrepentant Ego to have total dominance.

You can only overcome your Ego if you are submitting to the Person of Jesus Christ , and then you can truly Flow with the Holy Spirit in the River of Life.

Would you like to Overcome your Ego and Win the Game of Life?







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