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Faith Vs Wokeism

September 16, 2022

Some Theological ‘Experts’ are constantly trying to compromise the Gospel message, to make it fit in with the Political Correctness Agenda of the so-called Woke fanatics.

The Gospel of Grace as taught by Paul in his Epistle to the Roman Church is actually very straightforward and easy to understand.

Unfortunately, nowadays we need an Agnostic Theologian to confuse people as to the Truth of the Gospel.

Paul referred to the Gospel of Grace as the Good News, and not as the Ten Commandments of the PC Agenda.

In Romans Ch 1:16, CEV, “I am proud of the Good News! It is God’s powerful way of Saving all people who have Faith,…”

We can see from this that what made Paul call the Gospel the Good News, is that it could Save all people who have Faith.

The Gospel was not excluding any people of any Race or Gender, or Religious Practitioner or Substance Abuser or even a PC brainwashed and indoctrination advocate.

Paul is saying that anyone can get Saved as long as they have Faith.

Notice Paul did NOT say, ‘The Good News is only for those who Chant Mantras and Recite Prayer Beads, or Practice Transcendental Meditation, or take Psychedelic Mushrooms, or are Victims of Society, or earn Grace Points by participating in Ritualism, or perfectly follow the Ten Commandments and never make a mistake, or who invoke a Female Deity to help them because the Father God is not listening, or are Agnostic because they prefer to sit on the fence.’

Paul makes it abundantly clear that Gods POWERFUL way of Saving people is by Faith.

Today we have Politically Correct Theological Professors rejecting Paul’s Salvation by Faith Gospel, because it destroys their entire Victimhood narrative that is the foundation of their ideological position.

If the Gospel of Salvation is freely available to everyone, then there is no argument that any class or group or race is excluded, and therefore the Church cannot be presented as the oppressor of the marginalised.

Anyone can be Saved by Faith, even Atheist ideologues can be Saved on their deathbed, and sometimes are.

Romans 1:17, CEV, “The GOOD NEWS tells how God accepts EVERYONE who has Faith, but only those who have Faith.”

So Faith is the gateway to Receive the Good News, and to no longer be susceptible to the Fake News.

The Good News supersedes and overrides and exposes the Fake News.

Someone objects, ‘You can’t be Saved by Faith, it’s not that simple, you have to earn Grace Points to Buy your Ticket to Heaven, and we currently have a Sale on Indulgences, and you must recite your Prayer Beads 13 times per day.’

Someone else says, ‘You can’t be Saved by Faith unless you are very strictly following the Ten Commandments, and not making any mistakes, and have a purely vegetarian diet, and are perfectly dressed and have a very Self Righteous demeanour.’

And someone else says, ‘I confess my Faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I will not be deceived by the PC Agenda, because I’m Saved by the Blood of the Lambs Sacrifice on the Cross.’

Would you like to Receive the Good News?





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