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Does Hearing The Law Or Liturgy Make Us Right With God?

September 16, 2022

Romans 2:13, CEV, “God accepts those who obey His Law, but not those who simply hear it.”

Paul addresses this issue of whether Hearing the Law preached makes us Right with God, in his Letter to the Roman Church.

Today we have some Believers who are saying that we have to start Preaching the Law to Believers in Church again in a much bigger way.

This discounts Paul’s very clear instruction that the Law is meant for UNBELIEVERS, to bring them to Faith in Jesus Christ.

Preaching the Law to people who are already Saved over and over again, leads to Religious Legalism and Formalism and Hypocritical Self-Righteousness.

Paul came from a Pharisaical background of extreme Legalism, so his purpose was to expose Hypocritical attitudes by asserting that God accepts only those who obey the Law, not just those who endlessly hear it.

We can also draw parallels with those who Believe that just hearing Liturgical Traditions will make them right with God.

There are some who are saying that we need to hear the Liturgical Traditions in Latin, if we want to be made Right with God.

But as Paul explains, it is the doers of the Law or the Liturgy, who are made Right with God, and those who think that just hearing it is sufficient are like the Religious Hypocritical Pharisees that Paul used to belong to.

Would you like to be Right with God?





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