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Why Does The Ego Prefer Religious Legalism Over Faith?

August 1, 2022

The unrepentant Ego will use any form of Ritualism as an excuse to reject the Faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately Liturgical Traditions have replaced the Pauline Revelation in many Mainstream Churches.

Paul made it very clear How to be Right with God in his Letter to the Roman Church.

It is only through believing in Jesus Christ that we can become Right with God.

Praying to the Sacred Heart of any other person is a deceptive Ritual that has been falsely inserted into Liturgical Traditions by Egotistical Religious Legalists.

Why does the Ego prefer Ritualism over Faith?

Faith gives the Credit for our Salvation to Jesus Christ, with no involvement from the Ego.

Therefore Egotists gravitate towards Rituals that they can take all the Credit for, with the reasoning that they alone deserve the applause so why honour the Lord of all.

The Ritualist wants to feel that they are Master of their own destiny, and do not want to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, this of course is a total delusion created by the unrepentant Ego.

The Egotist is attracted to all forms of Ritualism, whether Liturgical, Witchcraft, Occult, New Age, Prayer Beads, Magic Mushrooms, Meditation Mantras, or any other latest fad.

Would you like to overcome your Ego?






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  1. Eliezer Mensah permalink

    Faith receives from God and work to God’s glory. Ego depends on it self and works for his own pleasure.

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