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How To Be Right With God – Revelation

July 20, 2022

In Paul’s Letter to the Roman Church he made it abundantly clear that we cannot be Right with God by following Religious Ritualism and Traditional Laws.

This is why he was severely persecuted and attacked by the Legalistic followers of Ritualism.

Paul taught the Roman Church that there now was a New Way to be Right with God.

In Romans 3:20 AMP, “For no person will be Justified, made Righteous, Acquitted, and Judged Acceptable in His sight by observing the works prescribed by the Law.”

No amount of observing Rituals and Traditional Religious practices will make you right with God.

We cannot earn Grace points by saying the Prayer Beads Formula, or by observing the Sabbath, or taking Magic Mushrooms, or spending an entire weekend performing Transcendental Meditation and Yoga.

All of these Rituals appeal to our Ego’s desire to perform, so we have to overcome our own Ego to understand what Paul’s Revelation is.

Paul is not just talking about the Mosaic Law, because he is exposing all Ritualism and Spiritual Traditions as a delusion.

You could say the Prayer Beads Mantra 1,000 times, and you are not earning a Single Grace point towards getting to Heaven.

What is the function of the Religious Law?





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