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Faith Vs Hypocritical Traditions

July 7, 2022

In Paul’s Letter to the Roman Church he was arguing against the Religious Hypocrites who were trying to bring condemnation on the Believers to convince them to go back under the Mosaic Law and Ritualism, instead of walking in the Abrahamic Faith.

There are some Cults and Traditions that are presenting the idea that Paul was actually advocating for Believers in the Roman Church to become entangled with the bondage of Ritualism and the Mosaic Law again, which is blatantly contradicting his very clear Teaching of the Gospel of Grace.

There is a so called “Traditionalist Movement” that is advocating that the Catholic Church start reciting the Mass in Latin again, because it is apparently more ‘Spiritual’, and abandon the recommendations of Vatican 2 to allow the Holy Spirit to move in the Church again.

So we are supposed to attend Church but not understand anything that was said, and by following the Latin Mass Tradition we will apparently earn extra Grace points towards getting to Heaven, which is completely ridiculous and was the very thing that Paul was Prophetically Warning the Roman Church against.

On the other extreme, we have the Seventh Day Adventist Cult twisting the purpose of Paul’s Teaching against the bondage of Legalism and Ritualism, by confusing gullible and ignorant Believers into thinking that Paul’s intent was actually to enslave Believers under the Mosaic Law again, instead of forcefully presenting the Liberty of Faith.

False Traditions and Ritualism will not help you overcome your addictions to Drugs, Porn or Gambling, only Faith in the Grace of Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit will set you Free.

Would you like to Receive the Holy Spirit to empower you to overcome all bondages and give you Freedom in Christ?

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