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Grace Vs Religious Legalism

July 6, 2022

Those who are trapped in Religious Legalism are forever trying to please God or a Deity or an Icon Image, who seemingly cannot be pleased no matter how hard they try.

A Religious Legalist my fast for 14 days, light a candle each day of the fast, recite Prayer Beads 7 times per day, use the latest Transcendental Meditation Techniques every day of the fast, do Yoga exercises each morning and evening, feel sorry for themselves, take Magic Mushrooms, get Hypnotised Online, and then at the end of fast sense that the Deity is still not satisfied and requires more sacrifice.

Religious Legalists can be found in all Religions and Metaphysical Philosophies, competing in the Spiritual Olympics against themselves, and feeling Guilty and Condemned after they come in last every time, as judged by their impossible to please Deity.

Religious Legalists are the hypocritical ‘experts’ who love to mock and scorn the Gospel of Grace.

Paul clearly explains the difference between the Gospel of Grace and Religious Legalism in all of his Epistles, and those who are promoting Ritualism are either deceived by so called ‘Traditions’ or by ‘Special Revelations’ of cult leaders.






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