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Overcoming The Ego – Coveting

May 30, 2022

The Tenth Commandment is impossible to obey without the help of the Holy Spirit.

To Covet means to intensely desire something, and the inference is that the object of desire may belong to someone else.

The Commandment to Not Covet exposes the Religious Hypocrisy of those trying to bring Believers back under the Mosaic Law, or other forms of Ritualism.

The Purpose of the Tenth Commandment is to expose our inability to overcome Sin through our own Ego and Willpower.

This is why Paul is saying in his Letter to the Turkish Believers in Galatia, that trying to operate under the Law brings a Curse.

If you try not to Covet by obeying the Tenth Commandment, through the efforts of your own Ego, you will find yourself even more intensely desiring those things that you know you should not be.

To overcome our own Egos we must first decide not to submit to the demands of the Ego.

What does the Ego demand?

The Ego aggressively demands to be Self Reliant, with no help needed from any outside source.

This is why the Egotistical Narcissist will vigorously oppose the Grace of Jesus, and try to replace it with some kind of Religious Ritual or Formula.

To explain this Paul emphasised , “It Is No Longer I (Ego) who live,” Galatians 2:20 AMP

Paul was not saying that we should all deny the reality of our own existence and go and live in a Monastery to be free of this Evil World, as later Theological “experts” unfortunately interpreted it.

Paul was saying that he was no longer allowing his Ego’s desire to follow Religious Rules and Rituals to dominate him.

What Paul means by saying , “I have been Crucified with Christ”, is that he now lives a New Life of Faith in Christ, because the old Ego based life of following and depending upon Legalism and Rituals for Justification, has been Crucified.

The following comment is a parody and we are not saying anything against vegetarianism.

Paul was NOT saying, ‘I can only eat vegetables now, and no more wine, and I have to wear a cloak over my head in the Monastery so I can’t see anything that I might desire, and I need to regularly whip myself to stop sinning, and I can’t read anything by Martin Luther because I’ve been severely warned not to.’

Ritualism can never satisfy the insistence of the Ego to always be right because our Inner Critic will constantly point out our faults.

Would you like to Overcome the Ego?

During the 1970’s it became popular to say that “Ego is not a dirty word”, but we are not saying that the Ego is dirty, only that the Ego must be yielded to the Grace of Jesus to avoid Religious Legalism and Ritualism.





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