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The Mystery Is Revealed

May 14, 2022

The issue of How to be Right with God has been a contentious source of debate and misunderstanding amongst Believers.

This has led to various forms of Religious Ritualism being advocated as the cure for the feelings of Guilt and Condemnation, that come from the realisation that the Ritual does not provide the remedy that our hearts desire,

What is the Real Function of the Religious Law ?

Paul explains the Real Function of Religious Laws or Ritualism in his Letter to the Roman Church.

Romans 3:20, AMP, “For the REAL FUNCTION of the Law is to make men recognise and be conscious of Sin…”

Unfortunately, groups such as the Seventh Day Adventists and other Cults, have failed to understand what the purpose of the Religious Law actually is.

The Law makes us conscious of our Sin, especially the Tenth Commandment, “YOU SHALL NOT COVET”

To covet means that you desire to possess something that you don’t have, especially in the context of yearning for something that belongs to someone else.

Without the Grace of Jesus, this Tenth Commandment is impossible to fulfil, “YOU SHALL NOT COVET” , because we all occasionally desire things that we don’t have, and others do have.

This is why Paul reiterated that no person can be made Righteous by observing the Works of the Religious Law.

However, the Mystery of Righteousness has now been Revealed by Paul.

Romans 2:21, AMP, “But now the Righteousness of God has been REVEALED independently and altogether apart from the Law,..”

Would you like Mystery of the Righteousness Of God to be Revealed to you ?








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