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How Do We Receive The Holy Spirit?

April 19, 2022

Paul clarified the confusion over How we Receive the Holy Spirit to the Turkish Believers in Galatia.

Satan is always going to try to disconnect Believers from our Life Power Source , the Holy Spirit.

The main tactic of the enemy to separate us from the Holy Spirit, is to convince us that we either don’t need the Holy Spirit’s Power, or that we can receive the Holy Spirit by performing Rituals of various kinds, instead of by Faith.

Paul could not have been more Black and White clear about this in Galatians 3:2 AMP, “Let me ask you this One Question: Did you Receive the Holy Spirit….”

Notice Paul does NOT say, ‘One Question, Did you perform the Sacraments to Receive the Holy Spirit? Or Did you Light Candles and Burn Incense to Receive the Holy Spirit? Or , Did you keep the Sabbath to Receive the Holy Spirit?’

The emphasis from Paul to the Turkish Believers is Did you Receive the Holy Spirit!

This exemplifies the extreme importance of Receiving the Holy Spirit for all Believers, and perfectly illustrates why the Enemy does everything to distract Believers away from the Holy Spirit.

The only way that we could become confused over the Holy Spirit is to have a Post Modernist Theological Professor like our fictitious Professor Dubitans Hypocrita give his ‘expert opinion’.

Professor Dubitans, ‘Well I know Paul asked the Christians if they have Received the Holy Spirit, but we have evolved our Spiritual understanding a lot since then. A lot of Paul’s writings were very Misogynistic, referring to the Holy Spirit in the male gender as He, and claiming that God is our Father. Why can’t God be our Mother, and why can’t we have a lot of different Gods like ancient civilisations often had?”

Would you like to Receive the Holy Spirit?





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  1. This is very profound and powerful.
    I remember a man in acts who wanted to even buy the gift of the HolySpirit with money.

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