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Grace Vs Law Dependence

April 16, 2022

Paul in his Letter to Turkish Believers in Galatia the danger of Law Dependence was discussed in great detail.

Galatians 3:10 AMP, “And all who DEPEND on the Law..are under a Curse”

Notice that Paul was not being polite or subtle, as he was deliberately trying to provoke a conflict with the Religiously Correct Ritual ideas of his time.

Legalistic Religious Correctness is placing Believers under bondage today in the exact same way that Paul was warning the Church in Turkey not to succumb to.

Was Paul Teaching the Turkish Believers that the Mosaic Law has no value?

Obviously not, because Paul clarifies that the Law is our School Master to lead us to Christ Jesus.

How does the Law as School Master lead us to Salvation by the Grace of Jesus?

The Law is like a School Master because it is continuously pointing out our errors and faults.

If we did not have the School Master Law, we would not understand why we need the Grace of Jesus.

But when we receive the Grace of Jesus, we no longer require the School Master Law to be reminding us of our failures, because we are now united with our Heavenly Master Jesus Christ by Faith, and we have access to His marvellous Holy Spirit.

So the Law is to be Preached to the unbelievers to show them their Sins and their need of a Saviour, and Grace is to be taught to the Believers to bring them out of the condemnation of Sin, and show them their Right Standing with God as a Gift.

This should not be difficult to comprehend, but the Cult and Ritualist Leaders continue to try to ‘muddy the clear waters’ with ridiculous false Teachings about keeping the Law and earning Grace Points through participating in Rituals.

Would you like to not be dependent on the Law of Rituals?




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