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Precious Angel by Bob Dylan – Inspiration

March 27, 2022

The song Precious Angel by Bob Dylan from his classic ‘Slow Train Coming’ album will lift your spirit, no matter what you are going through.

Precious Angel lyrics are very inspiring, “Precious Angel, under the Sun, how was I to know you’d be the one, To show me I was blinded, to show me I was gone, How weak was the foundation I was standing upon,”

Oftentimes we meet someone on our journey that shows us New Light, and we then realise that the beliefs that we’ve been standing upon are completely false.

We don’t understand that the foundations of ‘Herd Morality’ are very feeble until we encounter the Light of Grace.

We are engulfed by the darkness of the Political Correctness Agenda, and cannot see the Light above us until it breaks through the Clouds of unbelief and deceit.

The Spiritual Warfare with which we are involved is cloaked in sudden emotional turmoil and unexpected mood swings in our daily lives.

There is no explanation for these encounters with the dark side, and we realise that the explanation from Carl Jung to embrace our Shadow Self it a total delusion.

Dylan’s song continues,”Now there’s Spiritual Warfare and flesh and blood breaking down,”

We can Win this Spiritual Warfare if we Receive the Light of the Grace of Christ.

The Light of the Grace of Christ expels the darkness of unbelief from our Souls.

Would you like to Receive the Grace of Jesus Christ?





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