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How To Receive The Promise

March 18, 2022

There are many Believers who would like to Receive the Promised Blessing of God, but few who know How to Receive the Promise.

Why don’t we Receive the Promise?

Some Believers think that they will inherit the Promise if they fulfil the requirements of the Mosaic Law or Ritualism or the Sacraments or New Age Meditation Sessions.

Many Believers think that if they do good things, then they will receive good things.

The Problem is that when these Believers realise that the Law of Karma is not working for them, they then Blame God.

“God has let me down, I did the right thing and bad things happened to me, I’m not going back to Church.”, is commonly heard from those who think that Karma will always work in their favour.

In Paul’s Letter to the Roman Church he made it very clear that it was not through Spiritual Law or Ritualism or Sacraments or Magic Mushrooms or Meditation Sessions, that Abraham inherited the Promise.

There are some today who have succumbed to the false teachings of a deceived Legalist from the Seventh Day Adventists.

Essentially this Legalist is selling a ‘Perfection Promise’ that creates the delusion that we can achieve Perfection by following the requirements of the Mosaic Law.

Abraham received the Promise before the Spiritual Law was given to Moses.

It is amazing that Believers can still be deceived into following Religious Legalism and Ritualism when Paul absolutely clarified that we don’t Receive the Promise through the Mosaic Law.

What is the Promise?

The Promise that we Receive is not Legalistic Perfection if we correctly fulfil the requirements of the Mosaic Law, but that we would be the Heir of the World through the Gift of Right Standing with God that comes by Faith in Jesus Christ.

If we say that we Love the Law, then why can’t we keep the Requirements of the Law?

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