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Grace Vs The Legalistic Perfection Promise

March 15, 2022

The tactic that Teachers of Religious Legalism use to deceive Believers, is the Perfection Promise.

The ‘Perfection Promise’ offers Believers a pathway to achieve a hypocritical ‘Holier than thou‘ attitude.

The pedlars of the ‘Perfection Promise’ that we begin our New Life in Christ by Faith in the Spirit, but now we need to ‘Add On’ some additional rules to follow.

Paul outlined this in his Letter to the Turkish Believers in Galatia, Galatians 3:3 AMP, “Having begun your New Life by Faith in the Spirit,”

Notice that Paul does NOT say, ‘Having begun your New Life by observing the Sabbath Day, plus Circumcision, plus Ritual Washing, Plus Lighting Candles and Incense, plus Strict Special Diets, plus earning Grace Points by performing the Sacraments, plus Praying 7 Times per day, plus attending the Confessional, plus Magic Mushroom Meditation Rituals, and so on Infinitum.

On the contrary, Paul strongly emphasises that we begin our New Life by Faith with the Holy Spirit.

This is why those selling the Perfection Promise delusion will always downplay the Holy Spirit, and substitute the Spirit for the Spiritual Ritual Olympic Games.

Religious Legalists Teach others to create a Tally of the Grace Points they have achieved each week through their efforts to follow the Spiritual Law.

A classic example of this is the False Prophet, Ellen G White, whose writings the Seventh Day Adventists elevate above Scripture.

Even though Ellen White was involved in numerous False Prophecies predicting the exact dates for the Lords Return in the 1840’s, her devoted SDA followers still adhere to the Spiritual Legalism that Ellen White taught.

Why do the Seventh Day Adventists still follow Ellen White?

Mainly because Ellen White was very good at selling the ‘Perfection Promise’.

To win the Ritualist Game , Ellen White would encourage her deluded followers to keep a ‘TALLY’ on the Sabbath, of their Wins and Losses each week.

Ellen White, Testimony Treasures, Volume 3, 23.1, “We should each Sabbath reckon with our Souls to see whether the week that had ended has brought Spiritual gain or loss.”

It is amazing in the Light of Paul’s Revelation, how Ellen White followers could possibly regard this Point Scoring approach as a ‘Testimony Treasure’, when it directly repudiates the Grace of Christ.

We are not trying to score points towards the ‘Perfection Promise’, because we have already been perfected by the Gift of Righteousness by the Grace of God.

Ellen White is promising and selling a perfection through Point Scoring that we have already Received by the Grace of Christ.

This type of Religious Legalism leads into a Spiritual Merry-Go-Round where you are constantly chasing something called Perfection,
Which you have already received by Grace .

It is a very subtle but
extremely addictive Religious Game being sold by
Ellen White.

The Turkish Believers were being enticed with the same type of Ritual Game Scoring, and that’s why Paul asked them if they were now being perfected by efforts to keep the Spiritual Law, or by Faith with the Spirit.

Would you like to Receive the Holy Spirit by Faith in the Grace of Jesus Christ?



Copyright Omega Course – Craig Holme

All International Rights Reserved


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