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The Shadow Self Projection

March 9, 2022

A major psychological problem that emerges if you Believe the ‘Every single one of us has a Devil inside’ Myth, is that you begin to Project this Belief onto your perception of other people.

If you see yourself as a villain, you will then perceive everyone else as an evil villain.

Carl Jung may have introduced the concept of Reconciliation of the Polar Opposites of Good and Evil within us, with the intention of thinking that it would make people less judgemental of others.

But in reality the reverse takes place, where the Devil inside becomes a form of hysteria, which includes outrageous accusations against Saints like Mother Theresa.

It has become very popular in the mainstream media now to demonise our highly regarded Saints, and most popular leaders from History.

Mother Theresa has been horribly and falsely accused, as well as many other Pastors and Ministers.

It’s become popular with Online Drama Series to glamorise the Gangsters and vicious Criminals, and characterise Pastors, Ministers, Priests and Nuns as very sinister and hypocritical.

The villains have become the ‘Good Guys’, and anyone associated with the Church are the terrible ‘Bad Guys’ only interested in your money.

In one Series the murderous, Drug Dealing, Gangsters are donating money to an Orphanage to appease their consciences, and they accuse and violently intimidate the innocent, self-sacrificing Nuns of not doing a good enough job. The setting is at the conclusion of a major war over 100 hundred years ago where the loss of lives was huge so there were many orphans. This whole scene is portrayed in such a way that the Gangsters are entitled to hostile indignation because the Nuns are highly suspect.

But, the Gangsters were millionaires, so why didn’t they run their own Orphanage if they thought the Nuns were doing such a bad job?

Obviously this question could never be raised in a Drama Series because everyone intuitively knows that each Gangster has actually “Reconciled” their Dark Shadow Self, and are outworking this ‘Integration of Evil’ in their daily lives.

This is why they are Gangsters, because they have made a choice to allow the ‘Devil Inside’, and not because they are a victim of Western Democratic Capitalist Society.

How did the ‘Projection of Evil’ onto the Church and Ministries and anyone trying to do good for others happen?

If we are willing to swallow the lie that we all have a ‘Devil inside’, we will begin to look for the Devil in those who are considered to be Holy or Altruistic.

Why? because the mere existence of organisations such as the wonderful Salvation Army, contradicts the theories by Car Jung and other Psychotherapists.

If Someone were to suggest that the purpose of Psychotherapy is to ‘Integrate the Evil’ in a recipient, what about those who are giving of themselves to help others?

If we are to follow these Dark Shadow Self theories to their logical conclusion, we would Project Evil intentions onto even the most loving and caring people.

Dark Shadow theories would also Project evil intentions onto almost all of our Democratically elected Politicians in Western Societies, whilst at the same time attempt to excuse Tyrants from Totalitarian regimes.

Past Presidents of the USA in particular have been characterised as demagogues.

We cannot possibly accept the holiness of a Saint, if we all supposedly have a Devil lurking deep with our psyche, and neither can we believe that there is a Democratically elected with good intentions.

The ‘Devil inside’ delusion will also cause us to be very suspicious of our partner, and all our loved ones.

If everyone is really a ‘Reconciled or Un-Reconciled Devil’ in disguise, then we really cannot trust any other person on the planet.

It has been conveniently ignored that these psychotic inspired Shadow Self ideas have formed the justification for terrible abuses by Totalitarian Regimes.

It is also laughable that so called ‘Comparative Philosophers’ in Western Universities have tried to give credence to the ‘Reconciliation of the Devil inside’ nonsense.

Would you like to Receive the Grace of Christ so that you can be filled with the Light of Love and be liberated from your Shadow Self?





Copyright Omega Course – Craig Holme

All International Rights Reserved


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