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The Shadow Self Reconciliation

March 7, 2022

Those who talk about the Reconciliation of the Shadow Self through Psychotherapy, obviously have never been able to.

In one way it is beneficial that Carl Jung has introduced the concept of the Shadow Self, but it is a complete delusion to Believe that you can reconcile your nefarious Dark Side.

This deception even goes to the extreme of suggesting that all of us have a ‘Devil inside’.

Some suggest that the Shadow Self is the Devil in us, and the role of the Psychotherapist is to put the Devil inside to his proper function.

Only in a privileged European Society could people be gullible enough to Believe such utter nonsense.

Unfortunately many Theological Professors in European and other Western Universities, began to adopt this aspect of Jungian Psychological Theory.

Why did so many University Theological Professors adopt the ‘Everyone has a Devil inside’ hysteria?

If you become disconnected from the Grace of Christ, you are immediately confronted with the inability to deal with your Dark Shadow Self.

This disconnection from Grace happened because of the wide scale acceptance of the ‘God is Dead’ Nietzsche Philosophy, and it became very fashionable to reject the Christian foundations of many Universities.

If you can’t overcome your evil Dark Side, then why not try to reconcile it?

This is the basic question that the Theological Professors were faced with after accepting various Agnostic and Atheistic Philosophical ideas that would become the justification for Totalitarian Regimes.

This is why Freud and Jung became incredibly popular, even though some of their theories caused incalculable confusion to those who Believed that they had a ‘Devil inside’.

The Grace of Christ empowers us to overcome our Dark Side or Shadow Self, and we realise that we don’t have a ‘Devil inside’, no matter how many Rock or Hiphop Stars try to tell us that we do.

The Grace of Christ fills us with Light and Love, and the Dark Shadow Self disappears in the Light of the Love of God.

It is ludicrous to think that we could ask God and the Devil to shake hands and become friends again, because we want to ‘reconcile our opposites’.

Satan is the mortal enemy of God by deliberately choosing an act of rebellion that has no reconciliation.

You also cannot Reconcile the Devil inside you because the Devil isn’t inside the vast majority of people.

Believing the foolish lie that the Devil is inside you gives the external Powers of Darkness a level of control over your life, and this will create extreme depression and anxiety and all manner of negative emotions.

Would you like to Receive the Grace of Jesus Christ?






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