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Grace Vs The Shadow Self

March 5, 2022

Carl Jung used the concept of ‘The Shadow Self’ in the development of his Psychoanalysis.

This particularly appealed to those who did not want to believe that there was any such thing as ultimate Good or Evil, and as such this Dogma was adopted with enthusiasm by various totalitarian regimes.

By denying that there is Good or Evil, we cannot say that there is anything right or wrong in human behaviour, thereby enabling Totalitarian Political Ideology to manipulate and control Western Culture.

We asked our illustrious but fictitious Agnostic Theological Professor Dubitans Scrooge for his expert opinion.

Dubitans Scrooge, ‘Modern man cannot think in terms of Good or Evil, or Right and Wrong, because we have embraced the notion developed by Nietzsche that “God is Dead”.

Does this concept give justification to Hitler and Stalin killing millions of people?

Professor Dubitans, ‘I suppose that it might, as I have often wondered why certain extreme Left Professors have been almost apologetic towards Stalin for his atrocities. But, this is the reality that Modern Man faces, because if God is Dead we can no longer say anything is Good or Evil. Unfortunately, some Professors have used this to justify the so called ‘evils’ that Stalin committed to force the Russian people to submit to ‘Big Brother’.

In order to persuade people to accept their ‘Shadow Self’ or ‘Dark Side’, we have been told by some University Professors that Good and Evil are outmoded concepts.

This Psychological deception goes on to ask, ‘If there is no such thing as Good or Evil, then why not embrace your Dark Side or Shadow Self?’

This theory goes one step further to suggest that you cannot really experience complete Self Actualisation unless you accept your Dark Side totally, without any form of moral judgement.

In contrast, the Grace of Christ gives us an inner sense of what is right or wrong, without the necessity of being forced to comply with imposed Political Correctness rules, which are designed to restrict our Freedom of Speech.

The Grace of Christ empowers us to feel good about ourselves, and Grace repudiates the idea that we need to be hypnotised into Believing that connecting to our Dark Side is the key to healthy Self Esteem.

The Grace of Christ enables us to fully understand what is Good and what is Evil, and to repudiate the ridiculous nonsense telling us that because God is Dead, we can no longer be certain about anything anymore.

Would you like to Receive the Grace of Jesus Christ?






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