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Grace Vs The Shadow Self Delusion

March 5, 2022

In regards the Shadow Self, Carl Jung apparently wrote, “The brighter the Light, the darker the Shadow.”

Of course, few psychoanalysts want to acknowledge that this quote is actually a distortion and contradiction of the Grace Principle that the Light shines in the darkness.

Actually the Brighter the Light is, the shadows completely disappear.

Is there any shadow in the sun?

The shadows mainly appear at Sunrise and Sunset, not at midday.

So this statement of Jung appeals to the gullible, who will believe anything, as long as a famous psychiatrist said it.

The absurdity goes even to the point that we are told that we should incorporate evil into our character and personality traits.

It is suggested that the main task of a Psychotherapist is to “Integrate the Evil”.

It is a very sad reflection on the spiritual decline of Western Society that such a concept would be taken seriously, and not the subject of a comedy act.

Would every female who has been subjected to abuse by a narcissistic male agree that their partner was just expressing their Dark Side?

In the Grace of Jesus Christ you don’t need to integrate your Dark and Evil Shadow, because you are waking in the Light, and your Shadow no longer dominates your personality because of the Love of Christ.

The only reason a Psychoanalyst can say they are being honest when they look inside themselves and see a Dark Shadow, is because they have not experienced the Grace of Christ.

I can relate to that because I saw an extremely Dark and Evil place inwardly when I was on an LSD Trip before I received the Grace of Christ.

I no longer see a Dark Shadow when I look inwardly thanks to the Grace of Christ, and through no effort of my own.

Now when I examine myself I see the Grace of Christ, and experience a Redeeming Grace for my Self Esteem which empowers me with a positive attitude.

Those who propose the Dark Side concept can be both right and wrong.

They can be right when they say that we have the propensity to have a Dark Shadow.

But they are totally wrong when they state that we should ‘Integrate the Evil’.

Carl Jung was completely wrong about the Dark Shadow Self because he became disconnected from the Grace of Christ, and subsequently could see no other way of dealing with the Shadow Self but to ‘Integrate the Evil’.

Would you like to receive the Grace of Christ?





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