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Individuation Vs Political Correctness

March 1, 2022

Carl Jung introduced the concept of Individuation into his Jungian psychological Theory.

According to Wikipedia, “Individuation is a process of psychological integration. In general, it is the process by which individual beings are formed and differentiated, from other human beings”.

We can see the see the development of our own distinct, individual personality from childhood.

Wikipedia,”in particular, it is the development of the psychological individual as a being distinct from the general, collective psychology”

This is where Individuation conflicts with the Political Correctness Agenda.

PC Dogma tries to enforce conformity upon our Collective Psychology, as there is no room for individual expression of ideas that oppose or contradict the Agenda.

PC Dogma tries to program people so that we all think the same, so there is no opportunity for individual beings to become differentiated from other people.

Individuation can only occur if there is freedom of thought, and obviously the PC Dogma strives to restrict our freedoms by creating Rules over what language is permitted.

We asked our fictitious Agnostic Theological Professor Dubitans Scrooge to comment,”We can’t allow freedom of thought, because it will lead to freedom of language. I have told my Students that they must not refer to others any longer as male or female, but only as they. Using the terms male or female is sexist language, and this is why we don’t allow it in our classroom, or Zoom lectures, or any other form of communication. This gender identification is a product of an oppressive Patriarchal System.”

We asked the Professor, ‘Why are you justifying a form of totalitarian suppression of freedom of speech?’

Dubitans Scrooge, ‘I hadn’t realised that before, maybe I am trying to enforce a kind of Totalitarian restriction of freedom? I have been instructed to Teach this by the Board, and have not really questioned the ethics of restricting peoples freedom to express what they believe’.

What affect will these restrictions have on the Individuation process for your Students?

Dubitans,’Now that you mention it, I suppose it will have dire consequences on their development of their individual personality and beliefs. They will no longer feel comfortable expressing their own male or female identity, because they will fear upsetting others who may find this offensive to their Cancel Culture Belief System. I am now in a quandary, I don’t know what to think. I can see that we have created the opposite of what we intended, instead of extra freedom for the individual we are actually trying to get everyone to conform to the Collective Psychology of Political Correctness.’

Would you like to be Free to develop your Individual Personality without PC restrictions?






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