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Controversial Parables of Jesus

February 27, 2022

We are discussing the Parable of the Shrewd Manager.

The Shrewd Manager Parable is rarely commented on because it seemingly contradicts what we call the ‘Poverty is Purity’ dogma that has inflicted and hindered the Church.

The idea behind ‘Poverty is Purity’ is that it is somehow a sign of Holiness to be very poor, because this worlds goods are evil and therefore should be shunned.

It’s amazing how many Believers have been deceived into unquestionably accepting this misconception of Purity, yet at the same time will work 2-3 jobs plus take excessive overtime, just to gain more ‘evil’ material wealth.

What is the meaning of the Parable of the Shrewd Manager by Jesus Christ?

Luke 16:8, “The Master commended the dishonest Manager because he had acted shrewdly.”

Here Jesus is not recommending dishonest conduct, but is Teaching his Disciples how to act shrewdly in the real world of money.

This immediately exposes the hypocrisy of those who believe the ‘Poverty is Purity’ lie, but in reality pursue material gain just like everyone else.

This hypocrisy creates endless problems for Churches which need money to survive, but can’t raise enough funds because Believers have been told that the Church should remain poor to be humble.

How did we accept the ‘Poverty is Purity’ lie?

The deception and extreme hypocrisy over material gain became established Dogma through the introduction of Monastic Life.

Monks and Nuns were encouraged to live a life of total poverty and deprivation to show their devotion to God.

The Viking invaders of Great Britain and Europe were able to capitalise on the Monastic delusion by sizing all the wealth hidden in the Monasteries, and at the same time experiencing little opposition from the helpless Monks.

Jesus was completely opposed to the idea that separation in Monasteries was somehow the key to living a Holy Life.

This is why Jesus Chris was commending the Shrewd Manager, because Jesus did not want the Disciples and Apostles to hide in Caves or Monasteries, but to live successful lives by being an example to unbelievers over money.

Luke 16:8,9 “For the Sons of this Age are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the Sons of Light”

Obviously Religious Hypocrisy over money was as big an issue in the times of Jesus Christ, as it is in today’s Church.

Modern ‘Stage Comedians‘ love to mock the Church and God over the constant appeals for money, and this exemplifies the reason that we need new Light from the Holy Spirit on the Shrewd Manager Parable.

Why was the Shrewd Manager wiser about Money than the Believers?

The Shrewd Manager had no duplicity in his attitude towards money, knowing that wealth is just a means to an end, and that this required dealing with others in a wise manner.

On the other hand some of the Believers, including and most notably Judas, were completely confused and conflicted over the necessity of using money to survive under Roman Rule.

Judas is the classic example of the ‘Poverty is Purity’ Dogma, where he would betray Jesus to gain a financial benefit for himself, yet at the same time try to persuade others that his motives were ‘Pure’ because he was actually wanting to help the poor.

Judas could be compared to many Agnostic Theological Professors today who have adopted a Socialist mindset, and as such completely misunderstand the Shrewd Manager Parable.

We asked our fictitious character, Professor Dubitans Scrooge, to comment, ‘To be honest, I find the Shrewd Manager Parable confusing, and there is not a lot of expert commentary available to look at either. Everyone knows the Churches are constantly begging for money, so in my opinion Jesus should have just said that Money is evil and that all Christians should have nothing to do with it at all. I’m completely perplexed by this Parable and cannot understand what Jesus is talking about.’

We will continue our Discussion of the Shrewd Manager Parable in the next part of this Series .





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