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Grace Vs Adventism

February 20, 2022

The Seventh Day Adventist movement is a classic example of those who are trying to apply Spiritual Legalism to nullify the Gospel of Grace.

In order to justify Ritualism, the Adventist False Prophet, Ellen G White, has plagiarised and added some bizarre Doctrines that advocate a Salvation by Works mentality.

In order justify a failed Prophecy of the Lords Return in 1844 by Miller, Ellen White decided to invent a Substitute Doctrine.

Essentially this deception attacks the Atoning Work of Christ, and creates a Second Work of Atonement that Jesus supposedly did in Heaven in 1844.

The real problem with the Adventist Movement is that they elevate the dubious writings of Ellen White above Holy Scripture.

In Hebrews 9:12, AMP, “Christ went once for all into the Holy Place, into the Holy of Holies Of Heaven, into the Presence of God,”

This Scripture alone should be enough to silence any suggestion of a second entry of Jesus into the Holy Place being required for our Salvation.

Would you like to Receive the Salvation offered freely by our Lord Jesus Christ by Grace?





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