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The New Life with the Spirit

February 14, 2022

By Faith we Receive the New Life of the Holy Spirit

Notice that Paul did not say ‘Having begun your New Life by observing the Sabbath Day, or by Magical Mystery Tour Transcendental Meditation, or by scoring Grace Points by participating in the Sacraments’.

It is essential that we understand How to begin our New Life in the Holy Spirit, or we will be deceived by Legalistic Ritualism of various forms.

We begin our New Life by Faith with the Holy Spirit.

Wherever Believers lose sight of Living by Faith, they are soon seduced by False Teachers who try convince them to go back under the Law of Moses, or Religious Ritualism, to become justified before God.

There is also some misunderstanding of what it means to Live the New Life by Faith with the Holy Spirit.

We don’t just exercise our Faith to become Born Again, and then from that point onwards live a lifestyle of doubt and fear and anxiety over our earthly existence, but are consoled by thinking that we have ‘Pie in the Sky’ waiting for us in Heaven.

We are to Live our entire Life by Faith with the Holy Spirit, and this Faith justifies us before God as Righteous, with no need of any added Rituals being constantly performed to earn Grace Points.

Would you like to Live your New Life by Faith with the Holy Spirit?

The New Life with the Holy Spirit is a Life of Faith, and is not a Lifestyle of performing endless Rituals to earn enough Grace Points to finally get to Heaven.




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