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Grace Vs Secret Mystical Formulas

February 6, 2022

In many Sects the elite Priests or Magicians have access to Secret Mystical Formulas that are not readily accessible to everyone else.

We asked our fictitious character, the Agnostic Professor of Theology, Dubitans Scrooge for his expert opinion,‘Apparently in ancient Egypt the ruling dynasties had access to very Secret Occult Rituals, and through these they were able to keep their subjects spellbound. I find this fascinating, and would like to discover these Rituals myself, because I have a lot of disaffected students right now that I’d like to wave the Harry Potter wand over to keep them from asking too many questions. I mean, one Student had the audacity to ask me the other day in front of the whole class, why an agnostic was Teaching a Course in Theology in a supposedly Christian College. Just because I’m unsure whether there is a God, doesn’t mean that I can’t dabble in Occult Magic to shut down trouble makers.’

However, the Revelation of the Mystery given to the Apostle Paul is by contrast very easily understood by everyone.

But, those promoting Secret Formulas and Special Revelations that contradict Scripture, try to corrupt the Faithful.

Paul exposes the errors of Ritualism in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey, in a very Anti – Political Correctness manner.

Galatians 3:1, AMP, “…Who has fascinated or bewitched or cast a spell over you, unto whom, right before your very eyes, Jesus Christ the Messiah was openly and graphically set forth and portrayed as Crucified?”

Here Paul is saying very clearly that someone had Cast a Spell over the Turkish Believers by trying to get them to Believe a False Gospel based on Formulas and Ritualism.

Paul’s Letter to the Turkish Believers in Galatia is primarily about contrasting two very different Belief Systems.

In almost every case where Believers are seduced into adopting a Formula Belief System, some other Spiritual narrative other than the Gospel of Grace is the cause.

Galatians 3:2 AMP, “Let me ask you this one question:”

Notice Paul did not say, ‘Let’s debate the 21 different false ideas you’ve been given, so I can ask you 21 different questions, so that we can all become totally confused by complex arguments’

Paul only wanted to ask one Question, because this cut to the heart of the matter of contrasting Belief Systems.

Galatians 3:2, AMP, “Did you Receive the Holy Spirit as a result of obeying the Law and doing its works”

Paul could not make it more obvious that he is saying that we don’t Receive the Holy Spirit by obeying the Law.

Yet there are multitudes of Believers in several denominations who still hold onto traditional ideas that totally contradict this.

It’s very amusing that most of these Formula Based Believers tend to be very critical of other Formulas and Rosaries used by other Sects.

The issue that is missed is that you cannot Receive the Holy Spirit through any form of Ritualism or Formulas, and no amount of changing the ‘Recipe’ can alter the end result, which is coming under the Curse of the Law.

How do we Receive the Holy Spirit?

The only way to Receive the Holy Spirit is by Faith.

Galatians 3:2 , AMP, “Did you Receive the Holy Spirit as a result of obeying the Law …, or was it by hearing the Message of the Gospel and Believing it?”

We asked our fictitious character, Praeter Presbyter, for his thoughts, “Yes I know Paul said that, but we still need to be under the Law and Teach the Law to Believers, otherwise how would we know what is right and what is wrong? By Teaching Grace and all this Holy Spirit airy fairy stuff, you are just giving people an excuse to Sin.”

Why can’t the Holy Spirit teach us through the Word of God?

Praeter Presbyter, “Well, I haven’t thought about that, but I need a good rule book to follow. Without lots of Rules to strictly adhere to I tend to get lost. But I must admit, our Sect doesn’t talk about Receiving the Holy Spirit, only how to do the Rituals and why we should keep the Ten Commandments, and it’s getting very repetitive, and I’m becoming bored with it all”

Would you like to Receive the Holy Spirit?






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