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Grace Vs Egotistical Perfection

February 6, 2022

The driving force behind all Ritualism is Egotistical Perfectionist Dogma.

This is the idea that I can become Spiritually perfect at some future point by Transcendental Magical Meditation or saying The Rosary or Strict Spiritual Formula Observances or any other form of Ritualism.

Paul in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey, calls this adherence to Rituals as foolish and senseless and silly, without any PC apologies.

Galatians 3:3, AMP, “Are you so foolish and so senseless and so silly?

Paul is trying to Wake Up the Turkish Believers to not fall prey to the pedlars of Ritualism.

Galatians 3:3, AMP, “Having begun your New Life spiritually with the Holy Spirit,”

Notice Paul did not say, ‘Having begun your New Life spirituality saying The Rosary, or reciting Prayers and Meditations monotonously, or performing a PerfectionistRitual, or Scoring Grace Points in Heaven by participating in the Sacraments’

Paul was very specific in declaring that we begin our New Life in Christ by the Holy Spirit.

The only way anyone could become confused about this would be to listen to some ‘expert’ Ritualist practitioner.

Let’s ask our fictitious character, the Agnostic Professor of Theology, Dubitans Scrooge, for his opinion, ‘I realise Paul said that we are to begin our New Life with the Holy Spirit, but in todays Cancel Culture context, we need a more appropriate approach. Basically, I don’t even believe there is a Holy Spirit, and the idea of having a Father God is very offensive to many people today. I need to feel like I’ve accomplished something in my Spiritual exercises. I don’t like the idea of the Holy Spirit giving me New Life. It doesn’t satisfy my Ego’s desire for Self Realisation to have the Holy Spirit give me Life without my earning it.’

Paul addresses our Egotistical pursuit of Spiritual Perfection in the next part of this Verse, Galatians 3:3, AMP, “Having begun your New Life Spiritually with the Holy Spirit, are you now reaching perfection by dependence on the flesh?” Or Ego ?

Paul is asking, “Are you now reaching Spiritual Perfection by your Ego?”

The Ego’s quest for Self Fulfilment is understandable in Sports or Workplace achievements, but not in the Spiritual Olympics.

The reason we have so much emphasis on earning your way to Heaven, or Nirvana, or Valhalla, is because most Spiritual Teaching is aimed at our Egos.

Praeter Presbyter comments, ‘I was told that if I practiced this particular Sacrament everyday for a month, I would earn enough Brownie Grace points in Heaven to spring my lost Uncle from Purgatory. I must admit, that did appeal to me, because it made me feel good when I first heard it. But, after one month of this everyday without fail, I was feeling even more guilty that I hadn’t done enough. So I continued this Ritual for the next 3 months. Now after doing this, I feel really bad that I haven’t done enough for him, what Sin have I committed to deserve this pain?’

To Receive the Holy Spirit we need to stop listening to our Inner Critic telling us that we don’t deserve it, or that we are not good enough yet because we haven’t kept the Ten Commandments.

We Receive the Holy Spirit through the Grace of Jesus Christ by Faith.

Have you Received the Holy Spirit since you Believed?





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