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Grace Vs Sacrament Point Scoring

February 3, 2022

Some Believers have been led to Believe that the Sacraments are a Point Scoring exercise to earn Grace.

You cannot earn Grace Points through the Sacraments.

Grace is the Free Gift of our Lord Jesus Christ, and cannot be earned in any form of the Spiritual Olympics.

If you Believe that you are earning Points through the Sacraments, you are denying the Free Gift of Grace.

This is where many Catholic and Protestant Believers have misunderstood the Gospel of Grace, and have been taught that the Gospel Grace Teaching gives people an excuse to Sin.

This is why the Apostle Paul was accused of giving people a License to Sin through Grace.

Neither does participating in the Sacraments score Points for your passed Relatives or Loved Ones to spring them out of Purgatory’.

Everyone shall give an account for their own life.

Jesus Christ did not give you the Sacraments to give you Grace, because our Lord was Sacrificed at Calvary to give you Grace.

If you think that participating in the Sacraments give you Grace, you are actually Believing that the Sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary was not sufficient to give you the Grace of Jesus for Free.

You are now thinking that you must pay a Price by participating in the Sacraments to pay for your needed Grace.

You don’t get additional Grace from the Sacraments to help you Believe in Jesus, because the Free Gift of Grace is sufficient for you and fills you with all the Faith, Love and Peace from Jesus that you need.

This is in no way denigrating the Sacraments, but we must Receive all the Sacraments by the Faith of Christ in our hearts that we have already Received by Grace.

We must not view the Sacraments as a way to Score enough Points towards finally earning Grace so that we might be able to Trust God if we are lucky.

We Receive Communion by Faith, and we examine our hearts to see if we are holding onto any negative emotions that may frustrate the Grace of Jesus in our lives, and we forgive those who have offended us.

We are NOT examining our hearts to earn Brownie Points in heaven, but to stay in the Grace of Jesus our Saviour.

The Sacraments are important to all Believers, and should not be used by anyone to divide Believers based on denominational preferences for Point Scoring Ceremonies or Rituals.

Let’s ask our fictitious character Praeter the Presbyterian, “Look our denomination has the best doctrine about Communion and everyone else is wrong, so therefore in theory, I’ve been told that I should not be in fellowship with other Believers. Except my wife is Catholic, so I guess I’m being slightly hypocritical. I don’t really know what my denomination actually believes about Communion, but I do know that I’m scoring more Heavenly Presbyterian Points than the Baptists, because my wife told me. I keep telling my Baptist friends that I’m a better Christian than they are, but they don’t seem to get it.”

Would you like to Receive the Grace of Jesus Christ?






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