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Grace Vs Jealousy

February 1, 2022

Paul opened several of his Letters to Believers with Greetings that included “Grace to you and Peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ”

It’s the Grace of Jesus that fills our hearts with Peace and Love and Joy.

Yet we are tempted to be Jealous of others from time to time.

Solomon in the Proverbs addressed this, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

Solomon is known as being one of the Wisest Kings of all time because of his reliance upon the Lord our God to give him Wisdom.

Notice that Solomon says “ABOVE ALL ELSE, guard your heart”, and not ‘I know your busy and have a lot of priorities, but occasionally when you get a break, think about protecting your heart, but if you forget I fully understand.’

If we Play the Jealousy Card on Co-Workers or family members our partner, it doesn’t hurt them in any way, but it will block the flow of the Spirit in our hearts.

Jealousy and Envy are poisonous to our Spiritual heart.

But, oftentimes we try to overcome our jealousies and find we cannot.

What is the Secret to protecting your heart from negative emotions?

Unfortunately the Ten Steps to overcoming Jealousy just don’t work.

If you could overcome Jealousy through Self-Effort, then why are you still Jealous?

There is only One Way to overcome all Jealousy and Envy, and that is by yielding our hearts to the Grace of Jesus.

This is why Paul talked about Grace in his opening comments, and did not begin by saying, ‘Why are you Jealous of each other, don’t you know that one of the Ten Commandments says Not to Covet? You need to try harder to keep the Commandments, you bunch of naughty Sinners. I bet you are not keeping the Sabbath as well, am I right or am I right?”

Why do we need to guard our hearts above everything else?

Jealousy and Envy and Strife start with dwelling on a thought.

We asked our fictitious character Praeter the Presbyterian, “I’ve been jealous of my wife for a long time, when we socialise she becomes the life of the party, whilst I get left out the cold. I keep thinking she is doing it deliberately, but when I ask her she says I’m just showing my insecurities. But I can’t help myself, it seems my Transcendental Magical Meditation classes are just making things far worse. After meditating for hours, I’m more jealous than ever.’

Opening your hearts to Grace connects you to the person of Jesus Christ.

It is His Love and Peace that fills your heart with joy, and the Holy Spirit empowers you to overcome what you cannot beat through your own willpower.

Would you like to Receive the Grace of Jesus Christ?





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