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Grace Vs The Dark Side

January 27, 2022

PC Dogma has tried to convince us that the Dark Side is actually part of you, because it’s Your Dark Side.

By Believing that the Dark Side is part of who you are, the potential to be deceived by Magical fascinations increases dramatically.

Paul continues to address this in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey, Galatians 3:1 AMP, “ Who has fascinated or Bewitched or Cast a Spell over you?”

If you Believe that the Dark Side is part of your Persona, you will end up accepting the preposterous idea that you should ‘embrace your Dark Side’.

We ask the illustrious but fictitious Agnostic Theological Professor Dubitans Scrooge his thoughts on the Dark Side, “We find that many Students are lost and very confused today. They have rejected the Christian Religion and are searching for answers about the Dark Side. We have simply told them to accept the Dark Side as part of themselves. Everyone has good and evil in them, and because we no longer hold onto such outmoded concepts as Sin and Morality, why not explore your Dark Side?”

No wonder the Psychiatrist’s offices are full of depressed and anxious students today.

A Spell can be Cast over us if we become fascinated with the Dark Side, but Grace can firmly close the doorway to this Bewitched Curse.

Paul states, Galatians 3:1, AMP , “Who has fascinated or Bewitched or Cast a Spell over you, unto whom – right before your very eyes – Jesus Christ the Messiah was openly and graphically set forth and portrayed as Crucified?”

We become fascinated with the Dark Side because it has the drawing power in the Spiritual Realm similar to a Black Hole in the Astronomical Realm.

If your heart is not yielded to the Grace of Jesus Christ, you will find yourself desiring to watch Horror movies and listen to ‘Bat out of Hellish Fire’ type of songs, without realising that you are being drawn into a Spiders Web.

The Grace of Jesus Christ brings you into the Light of God our Father, and delivers you from the power of the Dark Side.

Grace enables you to fully realise that the Dark Side is in No Way Who You Are.

Jesus Christ reconciles us unto himself by His Grace, and we are filled with Peace, Love and Joy from the Holy Spirit.

Would you like to be Set Free from the Power of the Dark Side?






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