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How to Live by Faith

January 19, 2022

Some people are completely unaware that the Gospel teaches us the Way of Living in our everyday lives, and that the Gospel covers everything.

Did Jesus say ,”I’m going to Heaven now and I’m going to leave things up to yourselves to sort out by Playing Religious Ritual Games. You will be haunted by doubts but there is nothing you can do about it. But Remember, there is Pie in the Sky when you get to Heaven”.

Many Believers are completely unaware that God has given us a Plan to live successful lives in the nasty here and now, before we get to Heaven.

We are to Live by Faith, and How we Live by Faith is explained very clearly by Paul.

In fact, it is so black and white clear in the Scriptures that you would need our fictitious Agnostic Theological Professor Scrooge to confuse you.

Professor Scrooge, “You can never be too sure what Paul meant by the word Faith.”

In Paul’s explains in his Letter to the Roman Church 1:17, AMP, “For in the Gospel a Righteousness which God ascribes is REVEALED,”

Righteousness means Right Standing with God, and it does not mean a ‘Holier than thou’ Self Righteous attitude.

Paul illustrates that the Gospel is REVEALING a new type of Righteousness, which is not the same as Old Covenant Righteousness, because you don’t have to earn it through Ritual practice or performances.

How do we Receive this New Type of Righteousness?

Paul shows us How to Receive by Faith, AMP Galatians Ch 1:17 ,” both springing from Faith and leading to Faith, disclosed through the Way of Faith that arouses more Faith”

Now we can see why Professor Scrooge wants to confuse us about what Faith actually is, because without Faith we cannot enter into and Receive the Grace of the New Type of Right Standing with God .

The New Type of Right Standing with God is Received exclusively by Faith, and cannot be earned by performing Rituals or Rites.

This does not mean that Faith cannot be expressed in a Prayer or a Church Service of any kind.

On the contrary, Words of Faith must be spoken in all our Prayers and Church Services.

Paul continues, Galatians 1:17 AMP, “As it is written, The man who through Faith is just and upright shall live and shall live by Faith”

So we can see here that Paul is not making a suggestion to us about the option of Faith, but is saying to us that we are to Live by Faith.

This Faith covers every aspect of our lives, including our Relationships and families, Health, Finances and emotional well being.

But, you must be Right with God to Live by Faith.

This is where the dubious Professor Dubitans Scrooge tries to create more confusion, “Well, we all know that none of us live perfectly, so we cannot possibly live up to Paul’s unrealistic expectations, “

Those who defend Ritualism cannot comprehend that the New Righteousness is the Gift of Grace by Jesus Christ.





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