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How to be Right with God by Faith

January 19, 2022

Some Believers think that they will never be Right with God because of their failures and mistakes.

If the only way to be Right with God was by not making any mistakes, and never failing, and perfectly performing Rituals, none of us would ever arrive at Righteousness.

As a result we tend to live with a feeling of guilt over our Sins, which results in a reluctance to deal with addictions and other emotional problems.

But, Right Standing with God is received by Grace through Faith.

You can’t Win the Game of Life by starting from a Losing position.

Winning the Game of Life starts by being in Right Standing with God.

If you think you can never attain to this High Standard because of your imperfections, you are starting from a Losing Position.

Guilt and Condemnation and Rejection and Frustration will cause you to think that you are not worthy of Successfully Winning the Game.

Self Condemnation causes people to Play the Blame Card on the ‘Government’ and ‘Society’ and ‘Capitalist Culture’.

The Apostle Paul clearly reveals to us How to be in Right Standing with God by Faith in his Letter to the Turkish Believers in Galatia.

Galatians 2:16 AMP “Yet we know that a Man is not Justified and Placed in Right Standing with God by Rituals or Works of the Law”

Paul is saying that we all know that the Rituals have failed us.

Did the Beatles come to this realisation after it became apparent that the Guru they were following in the mid 60’s was more interested in chasing their female fans than in speaking the Truth? ( see the link below)

We all know that the Rituals have failed us and this is why many people have lost their trust in organised Religion.

The Psychiatrist’s offices are full of Believers with unresolved Guilt Complexes.


We are no longer being taught How to Be Right with God, and instead we are being told that if the Ritual or Meditation Technique doesn’t work then take a pill.

How are we made Right with God?

Galatians 2:16 AMP, “ But only through FAITH in God’s Beloved Son, Christ Jesus”

Notice that Paul states, “Only through Faith” and did NOT SAY, ‘Through Faith plus Meditation Retreats and Yoga and endless Rituals and Rites, and lighting Candles and Chanting, and living alone in a Monastery, and Prayer Beads so we can Pray 7 times per day without fail, and asking other Mediators to help because our Father God isn’t listening, and constantly blaming God for all our failures.”

It’s so simple and obvious that the PC Agenda works overtime to confuse us about Living by Faith.

Let’s ask our illustrious fictitious Agnostic Professor of Theology at the College of Religious Games, Dubitans Scrooge for his dubious opinion, “We all acknowledge nowadays that there are many ways to God, so many that I often get confused and lose count. But Paul is over-simplifying things as Faith alone cannot save us. If Faith was sufficient then that would render all our Rituals and Occult Practices as useless, and we can’t have that, can we?”

Paul counters in Galatians 2:16 AMP paraphrased, “Even we religious people have Believed in Jesus Christ, so that we might be Justified by Faith in Christ Jesus and not by Legalistic Rituals or Works of the Law of Moses.”

Paul is not denigrating the original purpose of the Law of Moses here, as he later calls it our Tutor to lead us to Christ.

But our modern Rituals are far worse and deceitful than the Law of Moses.

These Scriptures are severe warnings to Believers about the dangers of deceptive Rituals that use the name of Christ but deny entry to Right Standing by Faith.

Would you like to be in Right Standing with God through Faith in Jesus Christ?

How to Be Right with God by Faith.






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