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How to Overcome Addictions

January 18, 2022

An Addiction is something that you cannot stop doing by your own willpower.

People who say,”You should stop Gambling, Drinking Alcohol excessively, Illicit Drugs, watching Porn, Netflix binging everyday,”, and so on, fail to realise that the person who is addicted finds that they can’t stop doing it.

Mystical Ritualism offers a cure which is the practice of a Rite, or Meditation, or a particular type of Spiritual Exercise, or Chanting, or Lighting Candles or Fragrances to appease Multiple Deities.

But the addicted person will proclaim, “I tried Meditation Clinics for 6 months but I’m still addicted. I keep being told that I’ll get there eventually if I keep trying, but I the harder I try the worse it gets.”

The truth is that if you are addicted you cannot beat it by your willpower, because if we could then we would have already overcome our addictions by now.

Often when the Apostle Paul wrote Letters to the Believers, he would open with references to Grace.

Paul wrote In Galatians Ch1:3 AMP to the Believers in Turkey, “Grace and Spiritual Blessing be to you, and Soul Peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah”

Why did Paul talk about the Grace of Jesus before going on to discuss other things?

Paul did this to establish up front that our Spiritual Blessings come from the Grace of Jesus and not from our own Legalistic Ritualism or New Years resolutions.

If we Receive the Grace of Jesus we can overcome any addictions by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

If you could overcome your Addiction by yourself without any help, you would have already done so by now.

How does the Grace of Jesus Christ help us to Beat addictions?

Paul explains in next verse, Galatians 1:4 AMP, “Who gave and yielded Himself up to Atone for our Sins and to Save and Sanctity us from this present Wicked Age and world order, in accordance with the Will and purpose and plan of our God and Father.”

Some people struggle to accept the Salvation Plan of Grace from our Father God because of a feeling of Rejection that hangs over them like a cloud.

This spirit of Rejection is the real cause of the Addiction problems.

We feel rejected by others, that nothing that we do is ever really accepted, that when we are amongst a group of people we feel like we are on the outside looking in.

By receiving the Grace of Jesus through Faith, we realise that we are completely loved and accepted by our Father God, and all feelings of Rejection no longer have any power to control our emotions.

The Grace of Jesus has Set us Free, and as a result we don’t have to earn our Liberty through a Reward for Effort System.

Addictions cannot control us anymore because the Grace of Jesus has substituted Rejection for Love and Acceptance.

We need to acknowledge that we can’t overcome our Addictions without the Grace of Jesus.

Otherwise we will be trapped by our own Egos into Believing that if we try hard enough with the next latest Meditation Technique, we may eventually stop Gambling and looking at porn.

But we secretly tell ourselves only maybe“

Would you like to Receive the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ?





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