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How Faith Works by Saying

January 18, 2022

Jesus taught the Disciples in Mark Ch11:13,14 AMP, that they could Proactively use their Faith in their everyday lives, “Seeing at a distance a Fig tree in leaf, He went to see if he would find anything on it. But he found nothing but leaves, for it was not the Season for figs. He said to it, ‘No one will ever eat fruit from you again!’

This set the foundation for Jesus to place the emphasis on releasing your Faith by Saying, as his Disciples later found this Fig tree had dried up from the roots.

We can speak Blessings or Curses through our Words.

The concept of Speaking our Faith is a very difficult hurdle for our fictitious Theological Student Passivum Psittacus to get over as he objects, “We are not Jesus Christ, only Jesus can speak out his Faith with His authority.”

Jesus knew that the Ritualistic Mindset would oppose his Faith Teaching, and this is why he clarified that Faith will work for Whosever in Mark Ch11:23 AMP,” WHOSEVER shall Say”

This immediately refutes the idea that only Jesus has the right to use his Faith. Whosoever means that anyone can utilise their Faith by Saying.

Notice that Jesus did not say,’Whosever shall ask me to do the Saying for them’.

Passivum Psittacus continues,”Look, I just don’t have the Faith to speak directly to the problems in my life, unless Jesus speaks to them nothing is going to happen. I’m struggling with my addiction to Gambling right now, I find it is totally controlling me, I just can’t break free of it. I keep telling Jesus about my problems with Online Gambling, but he seems to be too busy to care. After all, I’m not Jesus and I can’t solve this. I’ve never heard of Speaking the Word to my problems before. Why hasn’t Professor Scrooge said anything about this at the Theological Seminary? Scrooge just keeps telling us that we have to accept our dark side and not feel guilty about it, and I find that very depressing.”

Faith Works by Speaking the Word over our problems.





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