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How Faith Works

January 17, 2022

Very few Believers are actually aware of How Faith Works because of a lack of Teaching on the Subject of Faith.

We need to realise that our Lord Jesus Christ taught us exactly How to use our Faith.

Notice that Jesus did not say, ‘You never know when you are going to have Faith and when you are going to be full of doubt. Faith is like the clouds in the sky, you are not sure when it’s going to appear or where it is going’.

Jesus taught the opposite to the Airy-Fairy approach in Mark 11:22,23,24 AMP Paraphrased, “Have Faith in God constantly”

For Jesus to Teach to ‘Have Faith in God constantly’ means that it is possible to be consistent with Faith, on not be regularly on a Doubt Roller Coaster .

This one point alone makes the Ritualist Mindset go into an hysterical Tail Spin.

To the Legalistic Game Player, it’s up to God whether he wants to give us Faith or not, and most of the time God wants to plague us with doubts to test us.

So the mere suggestion that God wants us to use our Faith on purpose contradicts everything that the Ritualist stands for, which is a Religion of passivity.

Passivum Psittacus, our fictitious advocate of Legalistic Ritualism complains, “How dare you suggest that we can use our Faith like a Sword, that is a metaphysical concept that has no place in our Rituals”.

Ritualism suggests that we can earn points in the Gambling Hall of Heaven by endless repetition of prayers to multiple mediators, and you never know when you are going to hit the jackpot.

Jesus was completely opposed to this form of Religious Hypocrisy.

In Mark 11:23,24 AMP Paraphrased Jesus taught, “I assure you and most solemnly say to you”.

Jesus is emphasising that He is extremely serious about this Teaching.

Mark 11:23,24 “Whoever says to this Mountain”

In this context a Mountain is used to illustrate an obstacle, since the disciple were walking everywhere, or by donkey or on horses.

In todays context we would say problem.

Jesus said “Whosever says to this problem”

Jesus did not say, “Whosoever talks to God about the problem and constantly complains about it”

Some Believers tend to think that Prayer is constantly complaining and bringing up a problem to Gos as if he wasn’t aware.

Passivum prays, “God I want to remind you how much I have done for you, and why aren’t you fixing my problems?

I’ve been addicted to Gambling for several years now, and it seems like you don’t want to help me kick the habit”.

The reason Jesus taught “Whosoever shall Say” is because the Saying part of Faith is a very important part of How your Faith Works

Would you like to Learn How to make your Faith Work ?





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