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Grace Vs Systematic Ritualism

January 14, 2022

The Principles that Paul taught about the Spiritual Warfare between Grace and Systematic Ritualism in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey, can apply to all Religious and Spiritual Beliefs.

Paul is talking about a Dynamic Confrontation between two opposing Spiritual Forces.

These opposing Spirits are Grace which brings Freedom, and Spiritual Legalism which brings bondage.

We can see this with one Christian Denomination that insists upon enforcing the Legalism of Sabbath Day Worship, and some proponents of their Doctrine actually goes so far as to declare that Sunday Worship is the ‘Mark of the Beast’.

We need to understand that it is the Spiritual Warfare that Paul is exposing, and this can manifest in any Denomination or Religion or Spiritual Practice.

The Book of Galatians is not just a matter of a controversy between the Christian Faith and the Law of Moses at that time in Turkey.

This is illustrated by the hypocrisy of those Theological Professors who try to dismiss the importance of Paul’s Letter to the Galatians by claiming that the Law of Moses is an outdated mythical and irrelevant superstition, and therefore not applicable to todays modern PC Culture.

Our entire Legal System in Western Cultures is based upon the Law of Moses as its foundation. This is why the PC Advocates are constantly peddling the fear the Law of Moses as the instrument of ‘oppression’.

Our fictitious Agnostic Theological Professor Scrooge adds his insights to the hysteria, “We no longer need the Law of Moses because we have moved beyond the Patriarchal System of perpetual male dominance. The Law of Moses enables the Capitalist Exploitation of the Working Classes, and should therefore be completely abolished in our Society. We no longer need Moses just like we no longer require a Police Force, so Modern Enlightened Thought (MET) says we should Defund the Police. Although I must admit that since we have started cutting back the Police Force things have become a lot more dangerous for families in the suburbs, with the murder rate now out of control. I now fear for my own safety, so obviously we do need to fund the Police adequately again, we have made a major mistake.”

So Professor Scrooge finally admits weaknesses in the PC Agenda, only because he fears he could personally become the victim of another Carjacking.

Paul continues in Galatians Ch2:17 AMP Paraphrased, “But if, in our desire and endeavour to be justified in Christ, to be declared Righteous and put in Right Standing with God wholly and solely through Christ”

We only have this desire to be Justified in Christ if the Law of Moses has been our Tutor.

If you have no knowledge of the Law of Moses, you will have no desire to be reconciled with Christ Jesus, because you will believe that you are a basically good person who deserves to go to Heaven or Nirvana or Valhalla anyway.

Why? Because without the Law of Moses you will have no recognition of Sin and its consequences.

Let’s hear from our fictitious PC exponent Professor Scrooge, “We don’t need the Law of Moses because we haven’t Sinned, there is no such thing as Sin, it’s just a Patriarchal invention to keep you feeling guilty. We don’t lie as such, we just stretch the truth, there is no such thing as a lie because there is no such thing as the Truth, all is relative. Therefore, we should realise that even the most vicious of criminal murderers is not really guilty, he is just a victim of society. But if someone breaks into my house with a weapon, they will regret it, victim or not. If I’m going to be honest with you, Sometimes reality does not line up with MET. Lately I’ve been thinking that The Clowns in Canberra, London, Vancouver, Auckland and Washington who are forcing us to Teach this MET, should get a dose of the real world by driving Taxis on a Saturday night. But of course, I can’t say this to the Clowns because I wouldn’t have a lucrative, highly paid job for very long if I did.”

Professor Scrooge is obviously conflicted.

You will have no desire to be put Right with Christ if you don’t know WHY you need to be.

Paul explains in Galatians 2:17 to the Turkish Believers, AMP Paraphrased, “ But if in our DESIRE to be Justified in Christ…, we have shown ourselves Sinners also and convicted of Sin”

Those who Teach Grace are constantly being accused by the proponents of Legalistic Ritualism, of promoting Sin and Secretly Sinning.

A Ritualist will point the Finger of Accusation at Grace Teachers and say that they are giving everyone a License to Sin because they themselves are Sinning.

Has the Ritualist noticed that their own Ritual Practitioners are Sinning the same Sins over and over again, and admitting it in Confession?

The Ritualist will argue, “As long as they are following our Rituals they can do whatever they like, they can always come to Confession and absolve their conscience that way.”

So the Ritualist Types who accused Paul of Sinning and promoting Sin, are actually doing this themselves.

Paul responds in Galatians 2:17, “Does that make Christ a minister, a party to and a contributor to our Sin? Banish the thought! Of course Not!”

Would you like to be in Right Standing with God?




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