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Grace Vs Ritualism

January 11, 2022

Ritualism essentially is the Belief System that the practice of a Ritual, or Metaphysical Method, or a Meditation Technique, or a Liturgical Practice, or a Prayer Formula, or an Animal Sacrifice, or Occultic Incantation, will score points with God, or the Heavenly Realm, or Angelic or Demonic Beings, and earn or buy a pathway to Heaven, or Nirvana, or the Afterlife, or Reincarnation, or Karma, or any other representation of Spiritual Reality.

Ritualism is a Belief System that contradicts and opposes the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace cancels out all requirements for Ritualism, and as such is forever in Spiritual Warfare with the proponents of Ritualism as as way to Please God.

Grace and Ritualism are irreconcilable.

There is no such thing as a Hybrid Believer, who practices and believes in Ritualism, but secretly believes in Salvation by Grace.

This is why the Gospel of Grace is much aligned, and why the Teachers of Grace are regularly falsely accused of promoting Sinful lifestyles.

This is also why the proponents of Ritualism are openly advocating Universalism, because if the Ritual can Save You, then why not adopt the Rituals from many different sources and religions.

The Gospel of Grace cannot be reconciled with Universalism.

Ritualism cannot bring us to Faith in Christ, and in fact the opposite occurs, as Ritualism brings us to Faith in the Ritual or Meditation Technique which rejects Grace.




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Craig Holme 2022/2023/2924/2025/2026

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