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How to not be deceived by Religious Legalists

January 10, 2022

In the Apostle Paul’s brilliant Letter to the Galatians in Turkey he clearly outlines how to Receive the favour of God through Faith in Jesus Christ.

We need to understand that the battle between Faith and Ritualism has been intense amongst the Believers since the very beginning, and that even respected leaders can become deceived.

Paul was not afraid to call out leaders who were proclaiming a hybrid Gospel of Law and Grace, which is the same type of hybrid message that is being promulgated today by misguided Bishops.

This is not an anti-Catholic discourse, as it is a discussion of Spiritual Warfare that is apparent in many denominations today. Often those who point the finger at Catholicism are compromising the Gospel in other ways.

There is way to much false criticism of Pastors and Ministers on Social Media, whereas we should be Praying for all leaders.

The following does not give you the right to publicly accuse your Bishop, Pastor or Minister, as you don’t hold the same position in the Church as the Apostle Paul did.

Most of the public accusations on Social Media are ridiculous, and are usually fuelled by someone with a revenge agenda, or unresolved guilt from secret sins.

However, because I was brought up a Catholic I was absolutely shocked when I read Paul’s description of his encounter with the Apostle Peter.

In Galatians Ch 2:11 AMP Paul exposes the Apostle Peter’s duplicity, “But when Peter came to Antioch, I protested and opposed him to his face concerning his conduct there, for he was blameable and stood to be condemned.

Why was Paul so concerned about Peter’s behaviour?

The message to be learned out of this rebuke by Paul, is that we can be Saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ, yet still be easily drawn back into Ritualism.

Galatians 2:12 AMP paraphrased, “For up to the time that certain persons came from James, Peter ate his meals with the Gentile converts, but when the men from Jerusalem arrived, he withdrew and held himself aloof from the Gentiles and ate separately for fear of those of the Ritualist party”

This would be the equivalent potential hypothetical circumstance today of the most prominent Bishop in the USA, writing a Letter to the New York Times calling out the hypocrisy of the Pope for refusing to meet with Protestant leaders during a visit to the USA.

In reality, the truth is that usually the opposite happens in todays world, if Protestant leaders meet with Bishops or the Pope, they are called out as hypocrites by idiotic and very self righteous other Protestants who see themselves as far too ‘Exclusive Brethren’ to mix with Catholic or Orthodox or Anglican leaders.

So the Spiritual Warfare of Grace Vs Legalism is still plaguing Believers from many different denominations today.

Legalists always fear the finger pointing accusations of other Legalists.

‘How dare Protestant Church leaders meet with the Pope! We should make a public stand and refuse to meet with Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican leaders” proclaimed the pompous Legalist, who later gets exposed for a hidden porn addiction.

Notice Paul did not say, ‘That’s it, I am never going to meet with Peter, James or John, they are mixing Grace and Legalism so they are off limits to all the brethren, if anyone meets with them you will get the left foot of fellowship’, like some Protestant leaders are saying today.

We are not suggesting that any Protestant leader should compromise the Gospel of Grace.

Paul still met with Peter and challenged him over the Grace Vs Legalism controversy.

Galatians 2:13 AMP paraphrased, “And the rest of the Religious Legalists along with Peter also concealed their true convictions and acted insincerely, with the result that even Barnabas was carried away by their hypocrisy”

The danger of Ecumenical gatherings is that those who Believe in the Gospel of Grace will try to conceal their true beliefs so as not to offend those stuck in Ritualism.

Whereas as those adherents of the Legalist Liturgy have no hesitation in condemning the Gospel of Grace, usually by saying it is an excuse for Sin.

Galatians 2:14 AMP paraphrased, “But as soon as I saw that they were not straightforward and were not living up to the truth of the Gospel, I said to Peter before everyone present, If you though born into a devout Religious family, can live as you have been living like a Non-Legalist, how do you now urge and practically force the Non-Legalists to comply with the Liturgy and live like the Religious Legalists?”

Paul did not say, ‘Now let’s all calm down, after all this is an Ecumenical Conference, so let’s all put aside our differences and play Religious Legalist games’.

Paul explains that the Legalistic Ritualism is not what makes us Right with God, so forcing Non-Legalists to believe that the Ritual is going to save them is outrageous hypocrisy.

Would you like to Receive the Grace of Jesus?


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