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Did you Receive the Holy Spirit?

January 9, 2022

In the Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Galatians in Turkey, Paul clearly established his priorities.

Galatians Ch 3:2 NKJV “This only I want to learn from you:”

If a visiting Apostle or Minister were to address the Church in London,UK today and were to begin their message with, “I only want to learn one thing from you”, it would be taken seriously.

The local UK Pastors and Ministers would be asking themselves, “What is this one thing the Bishop wants to know? Are we going off track somewhere? Is there a problem? Why is the Bishop taking this one thing so seriously?”

Yet amongst many Believers today this one thing that the Apostle Paul wanted to know is dismissed as irrelevant, or through the use of dispensationalist deception as having ‘Passed Away’.

What one thing did the Apostle Paul want to know?

Galatians 3:2 “Did you Receive the Holy Spirit..?”

Picture a situation today where the Bishop asked the Church in London, UK, “Did you Receive the Holy Spirit? This is the one thing that I want to know about you!”

As a result of a complete lack of Teaching on this vital topic of Receiving the Holy Spirit by the Universalist Professor Scrooge (fictitious), at the Theological Seminary, most Believers would be completely unaware that they are even supposed to Receive the Holy Spirit.

Notice that the Apostle Paul is asking Believers “Did you Receive the Holy Spirit..?”, and that Paul is not asking unbelievers.

Therefore it is of absolutely the highest priority that we Receive the Holy Spirit, and that we should stop Believing Dispensationalist nonsense.

The Apostle Paul clarifies, Gal 3:2 NKJV “Did you Receive the Holy Spirit by the works of the Law..?”

Paraphrased, “Did you Receive the Holy Spirit by following Religious Ritualism and Spiritual Legalism?”

Unfortunately many Believers today have been deceived into Believing that the Ritual they are performing or reciting or practicing, is what is pleasing to God and the Holy Spirit.

We have the same problem with Legalism amongst Believers today as what Paul was addressing to the Turkish Believers Millenia ago.

There is an ongoing Spiritual Warfare between Grace and Spiritual Legalism.

You cannot Receive the Holy Spirit by repetitive Ritual performances.

How do we Receive the Holy Spirit?

Gal 3:2 NKJV, “This only I want to learn from you: Did you Receive the Holy Spirit by works of the Law, or by Hearing of Faith?”

This verse completely destroys the whole foundation of our fictitious but very relevant character Professor Scrooge’s Universalist argument against the Holy Spirit.

You Receive the Holy Spirit by Faith.

The Agnostic Professor objects, “It can’t be that simple, I know that the Apostle Paul said that but what we have to consider is the complexities of the time he lived in, and realise that Receiving the Holy Spirit is a concept no longer required by educated people today. We have moved on to a more understanding and considered approach towards other spiritual and occult perceptions.”

Paul’s next point is a stinging rebuttal with no PC Apology, Gal 3:3 NKJV “Are you so foolish?”

Paul boldly calls out those who succumb to Religious Legalism as fools.

Obviously Paul was trying to present the Truth, and was not concerned at all as to what the local Synod of Bishops might say.

How would have the local Bishop in Turkey at the time of Paul’s writing responded to being called a fool?

Paul continues, Gal 3:3 “Having begun in the Holy Spirit..”

The Apostle Paul had helped found this Church in Turkey, so he had previously instructed them How to Receive the Holy Spirit and walk in the Spirit, so he was correcting the error of the Legalistic Catechism that was being presented to these Turkish Believers.

Paul Gal 3:3, “Are you now made perfect by the flesh?”

Paraphrased, “Are you now made perfect by the Ego?”

Ritualism primarily appeals to our Ego.

My religious belief requires me to pray 7 times per day, light 5 Candles, 3 pieces of incense, and keep very strict dietary requirements. What does your belief system require you to do? Can it beat mine?

Of course, our Egos don’t want to hear in response, “Receive the Holy Spirit by Faith”.

Why does the Ego want to reject Faith?

The Ego cannot show off with pride in the Spiritual Olympics if it is a matter of Receiving by Faith.

Receiving by Faith cancels out the need for a “holier than thou” attitude.

We will have no desire to look down on anyone else if we are Receiving the Holy Spirit by Faith through the Grace of God.

Did you Receive the Holy Spirit?

Would you like to be Prayed for to Receive the Holy Spirit?

Let us know in the comments and we will Pray for you.




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