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How Can I Evolve?

January 7, 2022

The real answer to the question of ‘How can I evolve?’ could be very disturbing for those who have spent $10,000’s on Spiritual Course and Therapies and Weekend Retreats and Gurus and Mind Altering Drugs and a myriad of other treatments.

Someone said, “You can’t handle the Truth”

We cannot evolve towards a Higher Consciousness just because we have realised that there are Higher Planes of Consciousness.

So listening to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles whilst you are ‘off your face’ will not help you.

We can be opened to the realisation of Higher Planes by listening to a great Teacher or having a Mystical Experience, but this does not mean that we are able to achieve that state through Personal Effort.

As a teenager I can vividly recall a time of surfing at the very beautiful Fishery Bay near Port Lincoln, South Australia.

As the sun began to set in the afternoon I became fascinated with the wondrous light and warmth that I was experiencing as I sat in the water on my surfboard.

As I gazed into this light I began to feel as if I was being absorbed into the light as one with the light, and I was not under the influence of any illicit drugs.

At this moment of feeling like I was being enveloped in the light, I knew there was a God.

But I had no idea how to connect with God, or ever how to duplicate that experience again, no matter how much I tried.

So I continued my quest for Spiritual Knowledge, not mentioning this type of experience to anyone for fear of the “You must have been stoned, we’re all just monkeys” response.

The Truth is there are no ‘Stages of Spiritual Evolution’.

Whilst reading interesting Spiritual Texts you may get insights, or glimpses of something higher, but they are not Stepping Stones.

You cannot climb or buy the ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

Imagine the uproar if a Christian Minister were to start selling ‘Tickets to Heaven’, yet people are more than willing to listen to Mystics selling the ‘9 Stages of Spiritual Enlightenment’, and pay big $ for the privilege of being deceived.

How Can I Evolve? You don’t need to evolve, because you Can Receive Grace from Jesus Christ and be immediately Seated with Christ in the Heavenly Realm, according to Paul in his Letter to the Ephesian Believers in Turkey.

If you have already arrived by Grace without any effort on your part, why would you need to ‘Buy a Stairway to Heaven’ ?




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